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It’s officially and finally the most wonderful time of the year – NFL football season. And as sports fans are geared up for a season that has already proven to be both exciting and disappointing, surprisingly us fashion lovers are not left in the dark. There are some professional football players that don’t hold back on the field or in their wardrobes, so here’s a few of the best-dressed players:

Joe Burrow

As a hometown hero here in Athens, no other professional football player is more deserving of the fashion crown than Joe Burrow himself. The Cincinnati Bengals starting quarterback and arguably the most likable player in the NFL is known for game-day looks that have everyone drooling. From bold jackets to Cartier sunglasses, Burrow wins on and off the field. His patterned suits and large but classy chains have deservingly earned him the title of a fashion icon. Whether you’re a Bengals fan or not, there is no doubt that ‘Joe Shiesty’ is just too cool. 

Stefon Diggs

The Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs is the king of designer wear. He rocks the pregame tunnel like a model rocks the runway, and as a football fan and fashion lover, Diggs can do no wrong. He uses hats, hoods and bags as key components in his outfits, and sweaters and cardigans are staples in the receiver’s wardrobe. Nike is Diggs’ best friend, as he is always showcasing a fresh and often colorful pair of dunks or J’s that are the perfect harmony to the rest of his ensemble. You don’t have to know much about football or fashion to understand that Stefon Diggs is an all-around success. 

Kyler Murray

Arizona’s QB1 Kyler Murray has mastered the effortless look. He is a sucker for a monochrome moment and fashion lovers adore it. The 25-year-old Cardinals star is always well put-together and constantly exudes confidence levels that are hard not to appreciate. Although he often plays it safe when it comes to his wardrobe, he rarely misses (this statement excludes the lime green suit tragedy, of course). Murray is simple, chic and the total package. While the Cardinals may be struggling this season, it is safe to say that their leader is sailing smooth in the outfit department. 

Ja’Marr Chase

Much like his counterpart Joe Burrow, Ja’Marr Chase shows out every single week in an innovative look with his eyes on the prize. Chase is oftentimes risky with his wardrobe, and it has always paid off. He has incredible shoe game that gets along beautifully with his phenomenal receiving game. Chase is the definition of a high fashion athlete, and earlier this year, he did a feature with GQ that left us all in shock while proving that Ja’Marr Chase is indeed not here to mess around. 

His ginormous chain displaying his number which is one, of course, is absolutely to die for and the perfect accessory to all of his outfits. While it may be hard for Cincinnati fans to expect another Super Bowl appearance this season they can (maybe) sleep well at night knowing they have a team of fashion superstars residing in their city. 


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