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Women trying on colourful clothes

A pop of colour can create a more youthful look (Image: Getty Images)

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Looking more youthful can begin with the clothes that you wear, and according to fashion coach and celebrity stylist Miranda Holder, there’s “nothing quicker to make you look younger” than by embracing colour. The trick is, however, to find the right colour palette for your hair, skin and eyes.

Miranda Holder, who is known for her viral TikTok style videos posted under the username @TheMirandaHolder “Your Feel Good Fashion Coach”, said: “Don’t beat yourself up too much about what you’re wearing and perhaps be adventurous and try some different combinations.

A great example of that is colour. A lot of people are afraid of colour, but there’s nothing quicker to look younger.

“If you’d like a more radiant complexion, then wearing a fantastic colour that really suits you will make your skin glow, diminish shadows and fine lines. The right colour will do that and bring out your eyes.”

And this doesn’t necessarily have to be in your clothing, Miranda points out that even a pop of colour in the form of accessories can help to create a fresh and youthful look.

She said: “Accessorising is another way of keeping it fun and playful. I think the key thing is being playful with your fashion and finding the fun, and of course, that’s going to bring back that youthful energy.

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Woman wearing green dress

Wearing the right colour can make your complexion seem more “radiant” (Image: Getty Images)

“Accessories are a great way of showing your personality as well. If you are a bit more of a modest or classic dresser, there’s nothing wrong with that, but maybe you can have a bit more fun with the accessories.

“It might be that you love neutrals or grey, but maybe you’re going go for a really zingy neon green handbag or if you’re not that brave, a cobalt blue one. Perhaps [you can try] a funky pair of boots or a pair of statement earrings that are a bit wacky or different.”

Although the idea of a bold statement can be a little bit daunting for some, Miranda says it can help to boost your confidence and ultimately change the way you carry yourself. Research from online personal styling service, Stitch Fix UK claims a third of Brits (29 percent) say their mood is lifted when wearing bright shades, and 35 percent experience a boost in creativity when dressed in colourful clothing.

“I think for some people it’s quite a step, but once you do, it’s liberating,” she said. “It’s energising and I think it definitely helps you look and feel more youthful to play with your accessories.”

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Woman wearing earrings

A bold earring can be an simple way to add some fun to your look (Image: Getty Images)

However, it’s important to pay attention to your personal colour palette. Miranda explained: “If you’d like a more radiant in your complexion and wearing a fantastic colour that really suits you makes your skin glow diminishes shadows and fine lines and the right colour will do that bring out your eyes.”

Finding the right colour palette

Finding the right colour palette for your skin can be a bit of a process of trial and error, and experts have varying opinions on how to determine your perfect shades. Colour analysis is one method of determining the best colours of clothing and make-up to harmonise your skin complexion, eye and hair colour.

This incorporates looking at your base skin tone, which will be either warm or cool, and the colours of your eyes and hair. People with a cool undertone are often suited to deep shades of purple, pink or bold blues. They often look best in silver jewellery.

Contrastingly, those with a warm undertone may find they look better in yellow-based colours, such as greens, warm reds, browns or corals. Gold jewellery can also bring out the warmth of their undertone.

How to look younger

How to look younger: Tips and tricks for a more youthful appearance (Image: DX)

If you want to take things a step further, you can refer to seasonal colour palettes. Experts from Woman and Home shared an insight into how you can find out which “seasonal colour palette” suits you.

Seasonal colour analysis: Which one are you?

Spring colouring

“If you have a warm skin tone and golden blonde or light-medium brown hair with golden highlights, you have spring colouring. Spring types may have a mixture of warm and cool elements to their colouring.”

Summer colouring

“If you have a cool skin tone, naturally ash-toned blonde or light-mid brown hair (with no red or gold highlights), and pale blue, green or grey eyes, you have summer colouring.”

Autumn colouring

“If you have a warm skin tone and red, auburn, dark brown, or black hair with red, gold, or chestnut highlights, you belong to the autumn colour family. If you are pale, you probably have freckles.”

Winter colouring

“If you have a cool skin tone, ash-toned medium to dark brown or black hair with no red or gold highlights, and deep blue, green or brown eyes, you belong to the winter family.”

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