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Buzzy items that take hold over the fashion community usually come with a steep price tag—Toteme’s internet-famous scarf coat, Balenciaga’s Cagole knee boots, Miu Miu’s ballet flats, the list goes on—but there is some financial relief when it comes to It-sneakers. In this world, it’s usually the simplest or most “norm-core” styles that get the most attention (just look at the eternal popularity of Chuck Taylor hi-tops or Nike Blazers), and they’re usually relatively affordable. The latest entry in this It-sneaker canon? Adidas Samba sneaker.

From Paris to New York fashion people have embraced the classic soccer sneaker, pairing it with everything from maxi skirts to tailored trousers and jeans. Its narrow silhouette and streamlined design make them ideal for almost any type of look, and the Samba’s practicality means it’s infinitely easy to style. But in case you’re low on ideas, we gathered a few fashion-girl approved outfits to reference when times get tough. Keep scrolling to seem them all. 

First, let’s get to the sneakers: while the Samba does come in a variety of special edition colorways, the main colors people seem to love are classic black and white. Both seem to be popular among fashion people, so it all comes down to personal preference. Since they’re gaining traction online, it’s better to jump on them now than later. Getting them via Amazon seems to be the cheapest and most time-efficient option.

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