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By Cecilia Nguyen     11/2/22 12:34am

Haven’t brought your winter clothes to campus yet? Looking to expand your closet? Want more clothes but have no money in your bank account? If you said yes to any of those questions, Houston’s thrift stores are waiting for you. Rest assured, just like your personal style, thrift stores come in all price ranges and styles. To find your next best fits, read through the thrift stores below to find one that is just right for you.

The Cottage Shop

This Montrose thrift store has a wide selection of new and gently-used clothing, shoes, jewelry, home goods and more. Their newest items are stocked every Wednesday, with different sales on a variety of items each day. All revenue  goes towards the Women’s Home, which offers holistic care and housing programs for women and their families. The shop also serves as a vocational training site for community members. Remember to shop off season if possible — it will be more cost effective to buy a sundress during the winter months when everyone else is clamoring for a warm coat.


This one’s a classic. There is no better place to get the complete thrifting experience than a Goodwill. Although the stores are often cluttered with racks of ‘thrift junk’ that you would buy as a prank gift, I’ve found some of my favorite thrift finds at Goodwill stores. Additionally, Goodwill is the place where you’d be most likely to find some of the coolest clothes with the cheapest prices. Go to Goodwill stores in wealthier neighborhoods to get brand name and higher quality donations. Also, remember to look through every hanger — the good finds are always hidden between the bad ones, and you should come ready to sift through every rack. Be patient and give yourself time. The best things are not laid out for you to find, but the gratification of getting good clothes without spending a lot is worth it. Also, don’t forget to check out their furniture section — Goodwill typically has a great selection.

Out of the Closet

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One of my favorite thrift stores near campus, Out of the Closet is a great middle ground between Goodwill and Pavement — its prices are lower than Pavement, but it offers a good diversity in clothing like Goodwill. Out of the Closet has the perfect mix between vintage and current styles with prices that won’t break the bank. The store donates its proceeds to the AIDS Healthcare Foundation and supports LGBTQ+ populations in Houston, if you need even more reason to visit. Once you find something you love, check for holes, stains and rips — sometimes you don’t find them until after you buy the items. 

Buffalo Exchange

If you’re not into the vintage clothing aesthetic, Buffalo Exchange has the best selection of current styles and popular brands, including Zara, Lulus, Madewell and more. Their prices are slightly higher than Goodwill, but all the items are mostly guaranteed to be in great condition or lightly used. If you’re not looking to spend a lot of time there, Buffalo Exchange has a good selection of already curated clothes that makes the process much easier. When thrifting, I find it useful to go to sections I normally wouldn’t — the men’s sweaters are perfect for good winter staples, and the women’s lingerie section is perfect if you’re looking for a cute slip dress. FYI,  the men’s section at Buffalo Exchange is a bit smaller than the women’s, but is still a great place to find cool tees. 

Family Thrift Outlet

Need some retail therapy without breaking the bank? New inventory is added here every Thursday priced at just $2.25, and drops by 25 cents every day until the following Sunday, after which items can cost between one dollar on Monday to 25 cents on Wednesday. If you really want to get the best bang for your buck, you won’t be disappointed here. Also, if you shop during the middle of the week, you’re bound to skip the weekend crowd.

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