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Following the pandemic, there has been an influential shift in the fashion industry. Fashionistas are shifting to sustainable clothing and organic clothing pieces. Likewise, dressing for Indian festivals & special occasions has also taken a major shift where people aren’t spending huge amounts on shopping for high-end couture but prefer fashion in a simple and classy way.

The advent of fusion wear has revolutionized the Indian fashion scenario in many ways. The blend of contemporary, vintage and Indo-western has become tremendously popular in the last couple of years. Fusion wear celebrates the beauty of both, modern and classical Indian wear.

The fashion industry evolved to such an extent that in the year 2019, a young and visionary Entrepreneur, Ms. Hiral Shah, couldn’t resist launching her own fashion collection in the form of Aavya. Hiral originally comes from the field of Company Secretary. Fashion was not even her backup option as she was seeking to complete her graduation. But destiny had other plans. Her attraction to art & color interested her more than the tedious education and she dropped out of college in her final year. With a re-energized creativity & visionary mind, Hiral started her Fashion Designing journey at Inter National Institute of Fashion Design (INIFD) which in return offered her two choices. Either she could fly to London for her last year or seek an internship while staying here. She chose the second option & began her internship at the fashion house of Anita Dongre, an Indian Luxury Fashion Designer, who has been in the market for decades. Hiral worked under Anita Dongre’s label until 2019 before starting her own fashion label ‘Aavya’ in the market.

Infused with a touch of modernity while staying true to the traditional roots, Aavya aims to provide beautifully and rightly hand-crafted garments which will give one a celebratory vibe regardless of any occasion. Aavya’s collection will resolve all the worries when one finds themselves in a whirlpool of thoughts as to what will suit them that will cater to the occasion-specific needs. Aavya’s exclusive collections of diverse outfits reflect multiculturalism which is rare to spot elsewhere in the fashion industry.

Inspired by Hiral’s Rajasthan journey, where she witnessed architectural diversity while visiting the forts, Aavya’s ‘EKA’ collection came into existence. The design engraved on the pillars at the Sheesh Mahal inspired her to create embroidery with a classic yet modern and minimalistic look. Another inspiration in the form of her ‘ROOH’ collection came from the book – ‘Forest of Enchantments’. The powerful & gentle traits of Sita Mata encouraged the simple and gentle embroidery of this collection with strong silhouettes depicting the modern yet classic ethics of the character.

Aavya honors and contributes to the local artisans who exclusively hand-weave and craft their collections instead of using the help of machines. Aavya also offers Prêt-à-Porter (ready-to-wear) as well as Haute Couture (Made-to-measure) garments to make sure the customer exactly get what they were looking for. Aavya was born to go beyond all fashion labels & be the face of Ethnic Clothing globally. Less perfection and more authenticity, that’s what their collections reflect. Aavya acknowledges traditional values that have been passed on from generation to generation and what better way to flaunt it than wearing Aavya’s ethnic on celebratory occasions.

About Aavya Aavya evokes the spirit of Indian traditions through its ethnic attire. Infused with a touch of modernity, our label is the perfect combination of culture, festive feels, and rich Indian traditions. Aavya helps you with a celebratory touch in the world of endless fashion.

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