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Growing up in the South and going to a school in Florida, it feels as though I’ve never truly experienced the autumn that is constantly raved about on social media. While in my home state, there were a few weeks that truly felt like Fall, my current residence in Florida has stripped me of any fall weather. The “fall” still presents sunny weather in the mid-80s, calling for short sleeves and shorts. Fall fashion is one of my favorite things about this season and it has been quite disappointing that the weather doesn’t allow me to fully embrace it. I know if you live in a Southern state, you understand my frustration. 

I’ve had to make some modifications to my fall wardrobe and if you are unsure how to embrace this season’s fashion without sweating buckets by mid-morning, keep reading!

Light Layers
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One of the exciting aspects of fall is that it provides an opportunity to start layering clothing. Unfortunately, for Southern states, layers become uncomfortable after mid-morning. I suggest wearing light and easily removable layers. Light blazers and cardigans are some of my favorite ways to layer while keeping from overheating. Plus, a blazer and cardigan are easily removable if the afternoon feels too hot. 

No More Thick Sweaters

Fall is typically when we can pull those sweaters out of our closets and put them to use. However, living in a Southern state, we typically aren’t able to do this until winter. In the meantime, I’ve resorted to thin long sleeves. These long sleeves are a more t-shirt fit and material but are still suitable for colder weather. During those fall months, the South has cool mornings and warmer afternoons, so a simple long-sleeve can accommodate a range of temperatures.

Mix and Match

In this context, “mix and match” does not necessarily refer to patterns and colors, even though that is always welcome! I’m referring to mixing and matching bottoms and shirts. Since it is still fairly warm during a Southern fall, I suggest mixing summer and winter clothing. Bear with me for a moment, this will make sense! You can pair long pants with a short-sleeve shirt or a tank top, or shorts or a skirt with a long-sleeve top. Mixing and matching can weave fall pieces into your wardrobe without causing discomfort from the heat. 

Watching Northern states fully embrace fall can be a bit frustrating. As southerners, we must accommodate! To make up for the lack of cooler weather, there are other ways we can make it feel more like fall. Lighting fall-scented candles, watching Halloween movies, and decorating your home can add to that cozy feeling of fall that we all love so much!

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