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There’s no denying that Stranger Things has taken the world by storm. Even if you’ve never watched the series, don’t have a Netflix subscription, and can’t remember the last time you turned on your TV, chances are you’ll have heard about it. This is because Stranger Things has transcended the screen, taken the clothing world by storm and released loads of apparel upon an eagerly awaiting public. From ringer t-shirts to sailor outfits and more, check out the best Stranger Things apparel if you want to display your love for all things Hawkins. The franchise has also expanded into the toy world, with Eleven Funko Pop figurines, Stranger Things jigsaw puzzles and Lite Brites, and Stranger Things board games to name but a few. And if you’re looking for something fun, we even have you covered with the best Stranger Things toys.

The flashy, retro 80s apparel looks great across all four seasons, and today we are going to rate the 5 most iconic looks across the franchise. Let’s get into it!

Why Billy’s Double Denim Is So Cool

Stranger Things Fashion: The 5 Most Iconic Looks

The 1980s was the heyday of the double-denim look, during an era none for its sequins and glamour, everything was big, especially the clothes, the hair and makeup. Denim is cool, and double denim made a breakthrough during this style era on both men and women. Icons like Debbie Harry and George Michael were showcasing the double-denim look, and Billy is certainly given George Michael vibes in his double piece and unbuttoned white shirt.

Why Lucas Is The Best Look Of Season 4

Stranger Things Fashion: The 5 Most Iconic Looks

We see the Hawkins school jacket throughout Season 4, usually worn by the popular kids and those who are lucky enough to be selected for whatever team they were trying out for. The Hawkins jacket is super cool and a nostalgic throw back to school life. It shines on its own, but it doesn’t look any more iconic than when Lucas rocks the whole tracksuit.

What Eleven’s Colorful Romper Says About The Character

Stranger Things Fashion: The 5 Most Iconic Looks

Eleven wore this iconic romper during episodes two and three of Season 3, but there’s more to this romper than you might think. The colors are bold, and the pattern is pure 80s pop art, and the outfit marks a big change in the character as up until this point we primarily see her in hospital gowns or plaid t-shirts and ripped jeans. It’s only after a trip to the mall with Max that El comes out of her shell and her friendship with Max is solidified.

What Makes The Sailor Outfits So Funny

Stranger Things Fashion: The 5 Most Iconic Looks

You surely didn’t think we were going to put together the 5 most iconic looks from Stranger Things and not mention Steve’s sailor outfit? No way! Unlike for El in Season 3, where the mall marked an expression of individuality, the mall meant something entirely different for Steve and Robin, who were confined in their sailor outfits, which were their work uniforms at the Chips Ahoy ice cream store. The writers were committed to keeping the pair in uniform for most of the season, and it added a hilarious touch that they looked pretty ridiculous while dancing with death.

Why Eddie Munson Keeps This Look For So Long

Stranger Things Fashion: The 5 Most Iconic Looks

Eddie spent most of Season 4 in the same outfit, largely due to the fact he was evading the police, a murderous basketball team, and Vecna. Thankfully, the outfit that he was in looked brilliant. Ever since season 4, the Hellfire Club t-shirt has been popping up in cities around the world and is one of the best-selling TV franchise garments out there. Coupled with Eddie’s denim jacket, ripped denim jeans, and Reebok high tops, this look certainly deserves its place on our list.

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