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Gorur Ghash, the online-based startup that fascinatingly blends fashion and comedy, is one of the few brands that can attract the youth to incorporate colourfulness, whimsy and wit into their wardrobes. 

In our ever-so-saturated apparel industry, this is how they leave their mark, whereas their competitors jostle to promote their collections through mainstream branding.

“We are funny, caught up with the trend, and our clothes provide a feel-good factor,” said Fahim Islam Shetab, one of the co-founders of Gorur Ghash.

Gorur Ghash incorporates the latest trends and pop culture references for added relatability. The brand is extremely popular now for its quirky prints and offbeat slogans.

Started in 2014, Gorur Ghash, a passion project of Nahiyan Naser, was born from his entrepreneurial urge. However, back then, Gorur Ghash was limited to selling posters and had not made its debut as an apparel label then.

In 2017, Nahiyan, with his newly formed army, Fahim Islam Shetab and Ali Sakhi, revamped Gorur Ghash and turned it into an apparel label for the youth. 

Unfortunately, the first collection of t-shirts was not a satisfying one. But, the designer trio, refusing to give in, started working with multiple suppliers whilst adhering to strict quality control.

In 2018, team Ghash launched its first flagship item – the Bangalee version of the Japanese kimono.

“Kimono was the trendiest item then, and no brand was selling good quality kimonos. So we received undivided attention that gave the entire business a boost,” said Nahiyan.

The brand has not stopped ever since. From funky Cuban shirts to super basic t-shirts, nothing is out of Ghash’s territory.

However, being an online entity, the brand initially experienced slower-than-expected growth as people back then had little faith in online-based brands and the products they sold.

“We stressed a lot on market activation. We are even one of those brands who introduced a trial and return policy in the country for the first time,” said Nahiyan.

Nonetheless, with the onset of the global pandemic, their fortunes took a turn for the better, as online shopping was the only feasible option. Thereafter, the startup progressed significantly.

Gorur Ghash’s target demographic is the youth, ranging between 15 to 30-year olds. The brand is also a proud promoter of androgynous fashion, and apart from some specific products, most of its collection does not contain any gender label.

The price ranges for all products are reasonable and budget-friendly.

“The reason we do not want to open any physical outlet is because it is quite pointless in this day and age. Moreover, renting a space will increase our operational costs, which will be reflected in our product pricing. That is the last thing we want,” said Fahim.

Currently, Gorur Ghash is a team of nine people. Both the operational office and the brand’s manufacturing unit are located in Uttara. 

Since inception, Gorur Ghash has been available for customers across the country. Moreover, their collections are also available on Amazon US. 

Winter is almost here, and team Ghash has done their assignment deliberately to embrace winter in style and fun. Here is a list from the latest collection

Party bombers and cord jackets

Made with thick corduroy fabrics, the cord jackets are versatile and can be styled with almost anything. The jackets are available in five different colours.

“One of the striking attributes of our jackets is they are full of pockets and zippers, which offer the wearer further utility,” said Fahim.

To date, Gorur Ghash has sold more than 5,000 pieces of cord jackets. 

Party bombers for women are a new addition, which adds new dimensions to the concept of ‘party wear’.

Made with moderately thin corduroy fabrics, these jackets are funky, versatile, and have a certain disco vibe about them.


Cord Jackets: Tk2,000

Party Bombers: Tk1,800

Classic Harrington series and chores

Gorur Ghash is one of the pioneers in the country in introducing timeless Harrington jackets, the British outerwear staple. The name ‘Harrington’ was taken from a character in the 1960s prime-time soap opera ‘Peyton Place.’

Harrington jackets are the best lightweight jackets around, made with cotton or suede. The design is incorporated with traditional Fraser tartan and a stand-up collar.

Ghorur Ghash also offers the chore coat (also referred to as a chore jacket). Emerging in the  19th century in France, chore coats were the go-to apparel choice for daily workers.

The jacket perfectly encapsulates everything that makes workwear great. It is functional, comfortable and rugged. Available in two shades, the chores – not too casual, not too formal – are perfect for any event.


Harrington Jackets: Tk2,200

Chores: Tk2,000

Hoodies, turtlenecks and flannels

Gorur Ghash’s hoodie collection is vast and children are not left out in this section either. With Gash’s signature embroidered hoodies, oversized sherpa hoodies are also available on the website.

Flannels and plaids are a classic duo, just like Sam and Dean. And much like the Winchester brothers, they always find a way to keep coming back, regardless of the season.

“We sell our classic flannel shirts all around the year. But keeping the season’s specialities, we change the fabric’s GSM (thickness of the fabric),” said Nahiyan.


Hoodies: Tk1,200

Sherpa Hoodie Blankets: Tk2,000

Turtlenecks: Tk1,200

Flannels: Tk1,200

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