Kate, the Princess of Wales has been known for her glamorous style choices during her years as a member of the Royal Family.

Kate Middleton: Palmer discusses cost of living

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Kate, the Princess of Wales has reportedly put a stop to her fashion choices being made public due to the sensitivity surrounding the current cost-of-living crisis. Speaking on the latest episode of the Daily Express’ Royal Round-Up, royal correspondent Richard Palmer discussed Kate’s decision over cost concerns.

Speaking of Kate “no longer giving out details of her outfits”, Mr Palmer told host Pandora Forsyth: “I think they will on big [events] like when there’s a state banquet or things like that.

“[or], you know, an overseas visit.”

Discussing the decision, Mr Palmer said: “I think the cost-of-living crisis may well be part of that as well.

“It’s not a good look, is it, to turn up to a food bank in a £3,000 coat.”

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kate middleton

Kate has been known for her glamorous style over the years as a royal (Image: PA)

kate princess of wales

Kate is now known as the Princess of Wales (Image: PA)

He added: “But again, there’s always that difficult balance because people expect Princesses to look like a Princess.

“To look glamorous and to look something different from the people you see in the high street.”

He continued: “You know, as ever, with her, I think she’ll mix and match.

“On some occasions, she’ll wear a £35-pound dress and then occasions where she’ll wear a £3,000 dress.”

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Ms Forsyth pointed out that when [Kate] wears a £35 dress, it does seem to “fly off the shelves”, asking whether Kate actually “likes the dress, or do you think she’s trying to be more relatable”?

Mr Palmer replied: “I think she does, yes.

“Then, it’s about being authentic I suppose”


kate princess of wales

Kate reportedly could have made the decision over the current cost-of-living crisis (Image: PA)

Speaking on a previous episode of the show, Mr Palmer spoke of the 40-year-old’s frustration as the focus lands on her style choices, as opposed to the causes she is trying to highlight.

He said: “I think she gets very frustrated.

“There have been other times when she’s made a landmark speech and you know, all people were asking about was oh she’s changed her hairstyle.”

In early December, Kate and Prince William are set to make their first overseas trip since the death of Queen Elizabeth II, and since becoming Prince and Princess of Wales, with a visit to the US for the Earthshot Prize Innovation Summit.