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Friendship Colours of the Chars is the leading slow fashion brand in the country. They provide Bangladeshi women from marginalised char regions training and work opportunities. With a vision to mark the popularity of slow fashion in Bangladesh, Friendship Colours of the Chars organised a dazzling fashion show titled “A Night of Traditions” at the Grand Ballroom of Intercontinental Dhaka on 25 November 2022. In a world of fashion that moves quickly, the celebration was meant to honour the happiness that their artisans create slowly and by hand.

The attendees of the event can attest to the fact that this was nothing like any other fashion show that they have witnessed. Before the concept showcase of the beautiful fabrics started, the illustration of the history of how Friendship as an NGO makes it their priority to reach poor communities in otherwise unreachable areas was a treat for everyone present.

The opening speech by Nazra Mahjabeen Sabet, Director of Operations, Friendship Colours of the Chars shed light on the journey of the organisation and the thought behind the collection.

“Our fabrics are different from what we see regularly. We only use traditional techniques of weaving, along with unique patterns of dyeing, printing, and embroidery. Relish adorning our collections, just as our women weavers, and the earth, enjoy creating them.”

The opening act featured a journey of a young little girl forced to marry a man double her age, burying all her dreams and hopes of ever making a name for herself. The story then continues to show how over the years the torture and the suffocation from marriage left her alone and looking for a ray of sunshine to turn her life around. That is where Friendship comes in, ensuring her that there is still light at the end of the tunnel and giving her access to making a living for herself.

After the opening act, the beautiful collection by Imam Hassan was exhibited in six different segments — Handlooms, Jamdani, Khadi, Heritage, Upcycle, and Global. The talented choreographer, Azra Mahmood put together a show for the audiences that was unique, and by far the best concept show of the year. Every garment displayed was handcrafted and included distinctive patterns and hues from natural dyes in a variety of saris, kurtas, scarves, jewellery, and more.

The star of the show was Sadia Islam Mou, whose breath-taking performance left the audiences in awe of her aura. Featuring the Heritage concept, Mou looked absolutely mesmerising in an ash-blue and yellow sari that was created from natural fabrics and celebrated the architectural monuments of 15th-century Bengal.

The event, A Night of Tradition, was sponsored by Indigo Marble & Granite, Sunsilk, and Unilever, while Ekattor TV and Star Lifestyle were the media partners.

The invite-only event was attended by 200+ leaders from various international organisations where the brand showcased its concept collection of 2023.

Dr Farhina Ahmed, Hon’ble Secretary of the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, H E Robert Chatterton Dickson, the British High Commissioner in Bangladesh, and Runa Khan the Founder and Executive Director of Friendship graced the event with their presence.

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