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Inspiration struck for an aspiring entrepreneur from West Chester, after acquiring a sweater in Ecuador. The Aztec printed sweater made from alpaca fleece sparked inspiration for Robert Kedra and soon enough Al Paca Apparrel was born months later, writes Gina Lizzo for Main Line Today.  

Kedra learned that most of the Al Paca industry is based in Peru and researched the industry for six months before kickstarting the company. The 500-year-old craft plays a significant role in the country’s economy.  

Now Kedra combines his passion for environmental sustainability and fashion through Zip-uup hoodies, Ralph Lauren-style crewnecks and winter hats. The clothing line’s website also sells socks, and the proceeds go to the Quechua Benefit, which supports impoverished communities in Peru.  

“I care a lot about the planet and sustainability, and alpaca fleece in its natural coloring doesn’t require the same harsh dyes and chemical processing that most of the textile industry uses.” said Kedra.  

Alpacas’ fur helps keep them warm during the harsh winters in the Andes but is lighter than sheep’s wool. The airy fiber is high quality, and obtaining it just requires a pain-free shave for the animals.  

Read more about the clothing line on Main Line Today.  

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