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Saurav Nagar creates unbelievably great recreations of Bollywood actors on a budget, and are a treat to watch.

Nagar is 25 year old, Delhi based fashion blogger having millions of views on his reels. Fashion blogging is nothing new in today’s time and age, where we see millions of fashion videos everyday, but to do something unique and exciting is what Nagar capitalized it. Saurav gained a huge following and views as his videos are relatable, and something everyone can see themselves in. Saurav completed his graduation from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College in Bcom Hons, and Post graduate in Masters of commerce, and still chose an unconventional field.

Upon asking Nagar on the state of Men’s Fashion blogging, he said Fashion blogging doesn’t necessarily have to mean going out of your way to forcibly wear colours or styles that you don’t like, and that majority of people won’t like or relate to. I like to keep my styles minimalist, yet something that every Indian man can wear.

Saurav also believes in *sustainable* fashion, that means not hoarding clothes if it’s on sale, or doing elaborate haul videos. He tried to shop from local stores, and even if you’re buying from fast fashion brands, try and buy something which will last you long, is durable and also something which won’t go out of style, he explains. Like a pink men’s blazer for a cheap price might look cool, but let’s face it how many times are you gonna actually wear it. If you have the money, buy clothes that love you back, and last you long. Saurav got his most trending clothes stitched from Saarania Boutique, in Nizamuddin west. A small yet full of a hard working team of tailors, and embroiders. The owner Anjum got a huge boost in sales after Saurav’s video went viral on social media and made many exact same Sherwani’s and Kurta Pajama’s. She said the video opened many new doors for her boutique, as majority of her customers were woman, as men never showed much interest in getting stitched ethnic wear. Now we are getting orders from both men and women, from across the globe.

Saurav Nagar’s Bollywood look recreations are all going viral, be it the iconic Shahrukh Khan’s Sherwani that he got made from scratch, or Kartik Aaryan’s look that hé recreated in 1,200 only. After Bollywood, and only men, he recreated Supermodel Kendall Jenner’s winter look, with a puffer brown jacket, black hoodie, black pants, brown boots and sunglasses.

His latest video, where he re- created Ranbir Kapoor’s iconic look got millions of views and lot of praises, on how he got cloth from a small shop, and got it stitched from another local boutique. Proving that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to wear couture fashion, and you can dress like your favourite celebrity on a budget as well.

Nagar said, when we look at celebrities we always feel their looks and styles are unattainable, and of-course they have a huge styling team, make up department, PR professionals, designer line ups, but I feel it’s really not that tough. I always prefer going after the style, and not the brand any celebrity is wearing. If you like some celebrities style, try to decode it, check out what all elements that goes in the look, and mix and match it from your own wardrobe. If you’re looking for ethnic or Indian clothing, best is to buy it from a local cloth shop, and getting it stitched by a small tailor. These tailor shops might look small, but these are talented Indian hands, that have been doing this all their life and without any degree. They cost less, and you’re helping a small business bloom as well.

Saurav is no new to the field of Instagram and creating content, and has been creating content with his partner Sarah Hussain at ZingyZest, they’re one of the most popular and loved food channels in India, they have over half a million followers, and considered the OG’s of Food Blogging. They started blogging at the age of 19 when they were in college, and Instagram was still new to many people. There videos were a new breeze in the sea of food bloggers, they made trendy recipes, easy hacks, and always worked hard towards creating content. Saurav liked staying behind the camera at ZingyZest as he was a bit camera shy, but Sarah always pushed him to come on camera, and show his brilliant style.

Sarah and Saurav’s experience with food related content, made it easier for them to understand the fashion market, and what content really goes viral.

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