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The end of the year is approaching and cold weather is blowing in. Between strong winds and heavy snow in the northeast, staying cute and comfortable during the winter seems like an impossible task. Picking up the right pieces and accessories is key to building the perfect winter wardrobe that ensures one stays warm and keeps a trendy Instagram feed. These are just a few winter must-haves. 

Mini Skirts & Sheer Tights

Skirts are not the first article of clothing people associate with winter, but the mini skirt-sheer tights combination is taking over winter fashion. Paired with a fitted turtleneck or oversized sweater, this duo radiates an effortlessly business casual. Dress them up with a casual blazer or overcoat for a more professional look. To combat the winter cold, wear a pair of skin-colored thermal tights underneath the sheer tights to stay warm all day long. 

Warm Headwear

Battling the cold is made easy with headwear like beanies and ear warmers. This winter is also predicting a resurgence of ear muffs. Grab a neutral color in any type of fuzzy headwear to make an outfit cohesive or choose an accent color to make outfits pop. Headwear is easy to throw on and good for multiple wears. Plus, they are easy to find and can be cheap!

Puffer Jackets

These are a winter staple, but now more than ever they are being incorporated into trendy winter outfits. It is easy to personalize a puffer jacket to individual preference, whether that is in regard to jacket length or color. An oversized puffer pairs great with any winter pant and investing in a quality one will ensure its durability for many winters. Grabbing one with a detachable hood is also convenient for snowfall. 

Monochrome Layering

Layering is critical for any cold weather, but to elevate an outfit, consider monochromatic layering. This technique works best with neutrals, like black, white, tan or brown. A monochrome outfit is easy to create, yet makes one look incredibly put together. Acquiring basics like turtleneck undershirts and jeans or dress pants is the first step to creating this look. They can be used in many different outfits for various wears. Adding accessories like sunglasses or a handbag can bring the whole look together. 

Winter can sometimes feel dull, but these stylish and cozy clothes are sure to impress. How do you plan on elevating your wardrobe this season?

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