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A PLUS-SIZE woman has shared with viewers her fashion tip that covers belly fat and accentuates her waistline.

The TikTok creator gave viewers a glimpse into her closet in a video that has entertained audiences.

TikTok user McKayla is a plus-size fashion pro who enjoys sharing style tips


TikTok user McKayla is a plus-size fashion pro who enjoys sharing style tipsCredit: TikTok/makingitmckayla

TikTok creator McKayla, also known as @makingitmckayla on the platform, enjoys posting body-positive and fashion-related content.

Her social presence helps to fill a gap in the market for plus-size representation.

In a video, McKayla shares with viewers a quick tip to hide any stomach insecurities.

The plus-size woman is informing viewers about the unique purpose of pleated skirts.

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The video begins with the content creator standing in the center of the video, wearing a silver long-sleeve shirt and jeans.

The subtitle “If you’re feeling insecure about your belly…” is written above her in the frame.

She rubs her belly for emphasis before transitioning to the next look.

McKayla swaps out the jeans for a long A-line pleated gold maxi skirt.

According to McKayla, A-like skirts typically fit at the smallest point in your waist and then flow over the rest of your body.

She mentions in the video caption that the fashion hack is perfect when you’re feeling bloated or belly and booty conscious.

A pleated a-line skirt specifically provides even more skimming elements as the vertical lines make you appear taller.

The unique shape of the clothing style takes away from your own curvy body shape.

Her fashion advice was well received by viewers and many shared their appreciation in the comments.

“I really have to get one of those cause I need office outfits Pencil skirts are just uncomfortable and suit pants sit weird,” one commented.

“Love this,” another praised.

Her pleated skirt  tip helps cover belly fat and accentuates your waist


Her pleated skirt tip helps cover belly fat and accentuates your waistCredit: TikTok/makingitmckayla

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