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Each member of the Straw Hat Pirates has proved their ability to be fashion-forward, but there’s one crew member whose fashion sense is unrivaled.

One Piece Straw Hat Pirates Wearing Different Outfits

One Piece fans can all agree that the Straw Hats are undoubtedly a fashionable crew. The main characters, and even some major supporting characters, have all undergone multiple outfit changes throughout the series. The characters’ aesthetic changes tend to occur alongside the introduction of new story arcs and locations, meaning the Straw Hats always manage to travel in style.

Luffy’s crew is known to dress for the occasion and look good while doing it. From the hot sand deserts of Arabasta Kingdom (also referred to as Alabasta Kingdom) to the snowy tundras on the northeastern side of Punk Hazard Island, the Straw Hats show up at every location wearing their most iconic outfits. Each crew member has shown a number of their own unique, stylish looks over time, but the one character that has consistently held the title for best dressed in every arc is none other than Nico Robin.

The Straw Hats Pirates’ Seventh Member and Archeologist Is… a Cowgirl?

Nico Robin Outfits During Alabasta Arc and Enies Lobby

Nico Robin joined the Straw Hat Pirates during the 130th episode, “Beware Her Scent! The Seventh One is Nico Robin!” She made a surprise appearance aboard the Going Merry just as the “Arabasta” arc came to a close. Robin wore a buttoned-up long-sleeved lavender shirt with long purple pants and a pair of purple boots. This first outfit change appeared to be a more modest take on what came to be known as her trademark look; a cowgirl outfit including a purple corset, matching miniskirt, white fur-lined coat paired with a white cowboy hat and white high-heeled boots.

Robin’s signature look is what she was seen wearing, disguised as Miss All Sunday, during her debut in the last episode of the “Whiskey Peak” arc. Although her all-purple cowgirl look is a well-known and beloved classic, it’s merely one outfit in a long list of iconic looks worn by the elegant archeologist. Another fan-favorite look, and arguably Robin’s best outfit, is the short, black, long-sleeved leather dress and matching high-heeled boots she wore during the unforgettable “Water 7” and “Enies Lobby” arcs. Robin’s pre-time skip wardrobe left nothing to be desired, but somehow, Robin’s style seemed to only get better and better, beginning at the start of the post-time skip.

Nico Robin’s Post-Time Skip Upgrade Included Her New Trademark Sunshades

Nico Robin Outfits During Return to Sabaody Arc, Punk Hazard, And Dressrosa

Upon reuniting with her fellow crew mates during the first episode of the “Return to Sabaody” arc (the second half of the “Fish-Man Island” saga), Robin wore a long salmon sarong skirt, decorated with seaweed and colorful flower designs, a short-sleeved navy blue leather vest, high-heeled pumps and a lavender pink backpack. Like the other Straw Hats, her appearance changed to match the new direction Eiichiro Oda took with his art style and character designs following the two-year skip in the One Piece storyline. As the Straw Hat Pirates embarked on their journey to Punk Hazard Island, Robin changed into a chic teal, long-sleeved V-neck dress, with a dress cut not too different from the famous short, low-cut, black dress she wore during the events of the “Dressrosa” arc.

From her iconic pre-time skip cowgirl hats to the trademark post-time skip sunglasses she wore over her forehead, all of Robin’s outfits have received applause from One Piece fans and casual viewers alike. The attention to detail Oda pays when illustrating the Straw Hats clothing has not gone unrecognized, and while each crew member is designed to dress to impress, Robin’s heightened sense of fashion is indisputable.

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