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NEW YORK, NEW YORK - OCTOBER 05: Reese Witherspoon departs from her hotel on October 05, 2022 in New York City.

Witherspoon dissects her past outfits to hilarious results, featuring Laura Dern.

Reese Witherspoon decided to sit back, put on her glasses, and look closely at some of her old outfits in a fun new video on social media.

The actress gave each outfit a grade, rating them A, B, or B-, and she didn’t hold back on her commentary. Watching the video, it turns out that Witherspoon has great fashion sense, though she definitely made some mistakes here and there.

Posting the video on Instagram, Witherspoon captioned it, “Let’s review some looks, shall we? 🤨💅🏻.”

The first outfit she looks at is a major throwback, with a sleeveless crushed velvet dark green dress and tall black boots, and it looks like the event had some sort of masquerade theme to it.

Witherspoon said, “She’s looking cute,” before admitting, “The boots are a lot.” She then said, “Also, I think I’m chewing gum, so I give myself… I’m gonna give it a B.”

Throwing that one aside, the 46-year-old moves on to the next look, which has to be from the 1990s, with dark lipstick, a t-shirt, a long skirt, and a cloth belt.

Witherspoon even says to herself, “Why does she have her coat wadded up in her hand?” before breaking into laughter. Despite that, the look still gets a “B-.”

The rest of the looks reviewed in the video all prove that Witherspoon has timeless style, with a couple of more recent outfits included. One even featured Witherspoon and Laura Dern going out for “Christmas lunch,” as she revealed.

The actress ends the video with a note for Dern, saying sternly, “Dern, call me.”

Fans loved the video, with one commenting, “Omg you are so funny! Lol What a bright light this morning. 😁.”

Another backed up her Dern callout, writing, “Dern!! CALL HER!!😂💖.”

Chelsea Handler also pointed out that the outfit Witherspoon is wearing in the video is very similar to one of the ones she grades–a light shirt and jeans with glasses, which she gives an “A.”

Handler commented, “You’re wearing the same outfit in this video as you were when you were 16, Nancy.” 

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