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I did enjoy Simon Hattenstone’s piece on wearing vests (‘I feel swaddled, protected’: testing out Prada’s £700 white vest, 16 December). People rarely, and fashion houses never, comment on what clothes feel like. The focus is always on appearance and the status the garment gives the wearer. Like Hattenstone, I find many garments oppressive (too tight, itchy, still stinking of the manufacturing process).

Now that I am 65, I have rediscovered the childhood comfort of a long vest tucked into voluminous knickers. Combined cost of cosy vest and knicker combo: £6 from the Grainger Market in Newcastle.
Gina Crowley
Victoria Garesfield, Tyne & Wear

When I was a teenager in the mid-1960s, I “borrowed” a vest from my father, dyed it pink and wore it with white jeans. I was the coolest girl in the village.
Sylvia Pageon

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