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Fashion Report has been a big part of the Gold Saucer events for a long time. This is a mini-game that you can take part in to win a big amount of currency that you can use within the Gold Saucer. This guide will tell you how to take part in FFXIV’s Fashion Report Week 256.

To be able to compete, you have to accept the quest from the Masked Rose, and then receive hints to find out what the correct gear is to put on.

This gear may be received from dungeons, raids, trials, or questing. It is up to you to figure out what gear it is she wants you to put on! When you have put the right gear on, she will give you points according to your gear.

Here is how you take part in FFXIV‘s Fashion Report week 256.

How To Participate In The Fashion Report

To participate, you speak to the Masked Rose NPC available at the Gold Saucer. They will then give you hints based on each slot of gear that you have to wear. As stated above, this gear could come from anywhere. They could come from questing, dungeons, trials, or raids. It is up to you to figure out what it is this gear could be. Equally, multiple pieces of gear can fit the requirements.

Some of the gear may have to be dyed to fit her hints, so keep that in mind! If you don’t want to take off the gear that you are wearing, you can glamour all of the slots to match the gear that you are supposed to wear. She will find this acceptable.

For this particular challenge, you will have to make sure all slots are filled except the off-hand, even non-themed slots. Both ring slots have to be filled too!

Good luck with the FFXIV Fashion Report, and hopefully the odds will be in your favor. Equally, if you are looking for hints and don’t want to struggle with the mini-game, check out this Reddit post by user Kaiyoko for all of the details.

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