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The future Queen’s style before she married Prince William has been making a resurgence on the social media app.

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Kate, Princess of Wales has become a fashion icon for a new generation as her outfits from the early 2000s have become a social media trend for teenagers on TikTok. Vintage fashion apps which sell second-hand clothing such as Depop and Vinted have taken to creating “Kate Middleton drops”, which are collections of clothing inspired by the royal’s look.

Gen Z users on TikTok have been making photo montages of Kate Middleton’s fashion from when she was in university to popular songs from the early 2000s. 

Photographs of the princess captioned as “before she become a royal” have been trending on the social media app. 

Songs from the era such as ‘Oops I’ve Did It Again’ by Britney Spears and ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ by the Wheatus have been used by teenagers to showcase the royal’s fashion. 

Picture of Kate Middleton

Teenagers have been inspired by Kate Middleton’s early 2000s looks (Image: Getty Images)

On the app, teenagers have hailed her the “real it-girl” while dressing up in some of her most iconic outfits.

One fan captioned their video: “My new favourite thing is pictures of Kate Middleton partying in London in the 2000s. She looks like she’s having so much fun.”

Another fan of the future Queen wrote on their video: “Why is no one talking about how elite Kate’s style was in the 2000s?”

Another wrote, “Once a fashion icon, always a fashion icon” while one commentator said, “She’s literally everything I want to be”.

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Picture of a young Kate Middleton is a sparkly green top

Kate Middleton’s “iconic roller skating outfit” has become a trend on Tiktok (Image: Getty Images/Tiktok @Remass )

Keen app users have also taken to dressing exactly like Kate and attempting to recreate some of her old outfits. 

One outfit that has now become popular is her “iconic roller skating outfit” in which the royal was photographed in a sparkly green top and yellow shorts with bright pink socks and a matching handbag. 

Photographers at the time took photos of the royal having fun with her friends at a roller skating ring while falling down as she attempted to learn how to skate. 

Another otufit that has become popular is Kate’s university look, which usually involves knee-length boots and a shirt with a belted skirt in muted or dark tones. 

One teenager said in their video: “Today we’re going to dress like Kate Middleton, so let’s go, I am not a big fan of Kate’s looks now, but I like her older ones before she became [a] princess.”

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Picture of Kate Middleton

Teenagers have been attempting to dress up as the royal and recreate her outfits (Image: Getty Images/Tiktok @Remass )

On Depop, one vintage seller has created a “Kate Middleton drop” which includes a “super cute plaid skirt” for £28 as well as a pair of yellow shorts to recreate the ‘roller skating outfit’. 

Another displayed pictures of the royal to showcase “Kate Middleton’s favourite jeans in the 2000s” in order to sell low-waisted Diesel jeans. 

The clothes the Princess of Wales wore in the early 2000s are no longer for sale on the high street, but vintage and second-hand clothing has become very popular with teenagers wishing to recreate outfits from different times. 

Some users recreated how the royal used to dress and also captioned their video “Who wouldn’t want to be Kate back then?” while another wrote they were “Wishing we were Kate in the 00s.”

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