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Next time you’re strutting along the streets of Orchard, look out for this fashion enthusiast who is capturing Singapore’s street fashion.

TikTok user Orchard Road Fashion recently dropped its YouTube series What aRe yoU Wearing which features short interviews from selected fashionistas plucked from Singapore’s streets. The first episode includes stand-outs from Orchard Road. 

Some (questionable) highlights include puffer gilets in tropical weather, Crocs, turtlenecks and more. Hot. 

“This channel is dedicated to show what people are wearing and their outfit inspiration,” its channel description read.

The account, which expanded to multiple social media platforms, has been actively highlighting people’s eclectic styles in slow-mo since late 2021. 

There are also outfits captured outside of Singapore like in Bangkok and Seoul.

The channel seemingly draws similarities to another local account Shentonista which spotlights individuals in Shenton Way and other business districts. 

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