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Major Australian fashion brand issues dire warning after scammers set up imitation websites and try to dupe online shoppers

  • Australian fashion chain Dotti issued a warning over a replica scam website 
  • They urged customers to not buy their products from any website not their own 
  • Dotti also warned of social media account imitating them messaging customers 

By Freddy Pawle For Daily Mail Australia

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A major Australian fashion brand has issued a warning to their online customers after scammers imitated their website.

Fashion chain Dotti urged its customers not to purchase any products from a fake website in a dire warning posted to Instagram on Friday night.

‘We have been made aware that there are websites illegally using the Dotti name and logo in an attempt to scam customers and obtain personal information,’ it read.

Dotti (pictured) also warns their customers not to respond to social media counts imitating them without a verified blue check

Australian fashion chain, Dotti, have issued a statement (pictured) urging their online customers that fake websites imitating Dotti are being used to steal customers information

Dotti urged customers to only buy from their Australian or New Zealand online stores and beware of websites posing as the fashion label.

‘These websites are not affiliated with Dotti,’ the post read.

They also warned of scammers messaging potential customers through Instagram accounts that look similar to their own.

‘That any communication from Dotti social media accounts will have a blue verified tick next to their name,’ the post read.

‘If you receive messages on social media from accounts that look like Dotti but they do not have the blue verified tick, they are not from our brand and we advise you not to respond.

‘We hope you all continue to enjoy shopping with us and remain safe online.’ 

Dotti urged customers to only buy from their Australian or New Zealand online stores and beware of websites posing as the fashion label 

It comes after a year where Australians lost billions of dollars to scammers.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s Scamwatch received 166,000 reports between January and September of 2022.

The figure is a 90 per cent increase from the previous year.

‘We know scammers are relentlessly targeting Australians. Research commissioned by the ACCC shows that 96 per cent of the population was exposed to a scam in the five years to 2021,’ ACCC Deputy Chair Delia Rickard said.

‘In addition to costing consumers, businesses and the economy billions a year, scams are emotionally devastating for victims and their families.’

Daily Mail Australia contacted Dotti for comment. 

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