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In the past few years, the power of good content has rapidly increased. Be it content-driven movies or just a good old Instagram post, anyone who is doing something creative, is noticed by the people. The industry has been growing bigger with fashion influencers becoming a big thing in all these years. What started with a few female content creators, is now a world of fashion creators including male influencers that are all about making you look good.

The network grew from a few fashion influencers to a community of both male and female content creators. In a world where everything gets posted on Instagram, looking good on the profile has become a quite an important thing. Male influencers helped men keep up with the latest trends and have been a guiding light on how, what and which clothes to wear. If you are someone who is looking for some inspiration or looking to revamp your wardrobe, there are plenty of male fashion influencers that you can follow for guidance. Let’s take a look at a few of the influencers on our radar.

Male fashion influencers you need to follow on Instagram right away

Siddharth Batra (267K followers)

Siddharth Batra
Image Courtesy: Siddharth Batra/ Instagram

Batra is someone who is never afraid of experimenting and putting himself out there. He is shattering the stereotypes of men’s fashion, one outfit at a time and making sure everyone is taking note of his work. If you are someone who is looking for some quirky outfit inspiration or even some grooming sessions, then Batra is your guy. If you are looking to get ready for a specific event, Siddharth has curated content for very specific days that you can use for reference. 

Check out his profile here.

Luka Sabbat (3.7M followers)

Luka Sabbat
Image Courtesy: Luka Sabbat/ Instagram

Grownish actor, Luka Sabbat, has designer DNA running in his blood. Born to a fashion stylist mum and a designer dad, he has put a lot of effort to remain at the forefront of a youth-orientated fashion scene. His carefully curated feed often incorporates vibrant pops of colour and silhouettes. Challenging the traditional fashion rules, he is creating a style that works both for women and men.

Check out his profile here.

Param Sahib (55.2K followers)

Male content creators
Image Courtesy: Param Singh/ Instagram

Param Sahib needs no introduction. Ever since he entered the fashion world, he has been creating waves with his content. His out-of-the-box and quirky sense of style is very appealing to fashion fanatics, making him one of the biggest names in India. He runs a very successful clothing line under the name Param Sahib Clothing as well. 

Check out his profile here.

Lio Gomm (97.2K followers)

Male fashion influencers
Image Courtesy: Lio Gomm/ Instagram

What brings Parisian male fashion influencer, Lio Gomm, on our list is his fresh and unique style. He knows how to elegantly mix definitive mannish silhouettes and tonal colourways with contemporary trends and colour in a subtle way. If you are someone who loves simple, relaxed fit pieces, but want to add some uniqueness to them, the you need to follow Lio right away.

Check out his profile here

Shakti Singh Yadav (106K followers)

Male fashion influencers
Image Courtesy: Shakti Singh Yadav/ Instagram

Also known as The February Boy, Shakti has an impeccable fashion sense. He is one of the few fashion influencers who have a keen eye for trendy looks. He’s your go-to guy for all urban look inspirations. The fashion blogger doesn’t fear experimenting with his looks from time to time and that’s what makes him stand apart. 

Check out his profile here.

Daniel Simmons (564K followers)

Daniel Simmons
Image Courtesy: Daniel Simmons/ Instagram

If anyone is nailing the effortless casual, everyday look, then it has to be Daniel Simmons. One of the very underrated fashion influencers, Daniel’s choice of colour palette with simple earthy tones is what makes him so appealing. He brings to the table some very subtle looks that may work for even a daily, regular look and even a casual outing. 

Check out his profile here.

Sanket Mehta (915K followers)

Male fashion influencers
Image Courtesy: Sanket Mehta/ Instagram

Sanket Mehta has worked hard to carve a position for himself in the world of male fashion. This Indian fashion content creator is always working with different style variables and nailing it every time. From giving traditional looks a modern twist to adapting to the bohemian cult, he has done it all. 

Check out his profile here.

Hero Image: Courtesy Daniel Simmons & Sanket Mehta/ Instagram; Feature Image: Courtesy Daniel Simmons/ Instagram

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