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Robin Murray

20 · 01 · 2023

Multi-disciplinary pop voice Lucy Tun has shared new song ‘Kulture Klub’.

Since adopting her altered title in 2021, Lucy Tun has charged headlong into the future. Each new song broadens her palette, while simultaneously defining herself as a focussed pop voice.

Out now, ‘Kulture Klub’ is fast becoming a viral phenomenon, an all-too-relatable hymn of feeling like an outsider in the fashion world. The track itself was spawned by Lucy Tun’s first visit to Paris Fashion Week, and she tries to capture an aspect of that glamour in the production.

It’s very much a ‘luxe pop moment, with Lucy’s lyricism offering a way inside. The Bella Hadid reference in the lyrics is based on a real moment, as well, with the fashion figure herself subsequently shouting out the song on TikTok.

Tune in now.

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