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Pedro Jimeno has seen his popularity dip since The Family Chantel, and so has his fashion sense since his divorce from his now ex-wife Chantel.

Pedro Jimeno from The Family Chantel in his car

Pedro Jimeno has changed a lot since his run on The Family Chantel, and in addition to his personality shift, he has been called out for his fashion sense. The Dominican Republic native divorced his 90 Day Fiancé wife, Chantel Jimeno, after The Family Chantel season 4, which led to Pedro reinventing himself. However, many of his outfits as a single man have been considered a failure.

After tying the knot with Chantel, The Family Chantel‘s Pedro Jimeno joined the show with his then-wife. However, the most recent season saw their marriage completely unraveling after Pedro became cold and cruel towards Chantel and allegedly strayed from their marriage. Pedro received a lot of backlash after viewers witnessed his attitude, while Chantel also accused him of cheating on her. However, he has since fully leaned into his image as a real estate agent rather than a reality TV star. Along with his switch to a single man working on his career, Pedro has also switched up his wardrobe.

Pedro Jimeno Turns To Turtlenecks & Chains

Unfortunately for Pedro, many of his post-divorce looks after The Family Chantel season 4 have not been well-received. The ex-husband of Chantel, who lost weight in 2022, has opted for a lot of looks that feature turtleneck sweaters, which are often paired with chains. He wore a black turtleneck sweater and a gold cross on a thick chain for one of several similar looks in an October Instagram video. “Go away Pedro,” one fan commented on Pedro’s video. Many viewers noted that they weren’t a fan of the new Pedro, as the video came at the time of his Instagram relaunch. “You are not the same person, you have become heartless,” another commenter wrote. “I wouldn’t have trust in this guy,” a third viewer chimed in after seeing Pedro.

Pedro Jimeno Sports Immature Hat Look

Though Pedro once had support from The Family Chantel fans, he showed more of his immature side during The Family Chantel season 4. Pedro similarly donned a more immature look when he shared several posts of himself on Instagram wearing a backward baseball cap, a look that wasn’t considered flattering for the 31-year-old. “Where’s the dislike button,” one commenter wrote on Pedro’s photo, which was shared in December 2022. Pedro also used the post to hint at his return with a podcast, seemingly to spill the dirt on his failed marriage. “Team chantel. Wants to hear you? None,” another angry commenter wrote.

Pedro Jimeno Wears Very Tight Clothing

The most consistent complaint Pedro has received about his new style is how tight his clothing has been since his divorce. The Family Chantel star Pedro often wears skin-tight seven-eighth-length pants or jeans and form-fitting button-down shirts or turtleneck sweaters. Although he has received some praise for showing off his figure, Pedro has also gotten criticism for wearing clothes that don’t fit him properly. One commenter noted on a recent photo Pedro shared that all of his clothing appears “two sizes too small.” Numerous commenters in the thread agreed that The Family Chantel star Pedro needed to rethink his style.

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