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Tina Leung has left Bling Empire: New York fans divided after scenes showed the star of the Netflix show missing out on the chance to sit front row at a Chanel fashion show due to being late.

The star, 40, is on the cast of the new Netflix show which was released on January 20 and is the sister show to successful Los Angeles-based series Bling Empire.

During the first episode of the season fans are introduced to Leung, a fashion stylist and blogger who has worked with luxury brands like Valentino, Loewe, and Georg Jensen, as well as launching her own designer vintage retail service called Era.

Leung is seen traveling to Paris, France, for Haute Couture Fashion Week, where she excitedly reveals that she has been invited to sit front row at a fashion show for a brand that she loves.

Tina Leung from Bling Empire
Tina Leung, pictured at the Netflix and Michael Kors launch party for “Bling Empire: New York” at House of Red Pearl on January 18, 2023 in New York City. The star has left viewers divided with scenes of her missing a fashion show. Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Though Leung doesn’t say the show is for Chanel, the camera pans over her outfit, bag and jewelry, with the luxury brand‘s logo clearly visible, as she admits it took her “many, many years to get an invite.”

As she gets ready for the event, a clock is visible on screen, and as she eats breakfast the clock reads 11.42 a.m.

Leung then discusses her timings, saying: “After doing this for so many years, I’m pretty good at calculating exactly when to arrive. I don’t like to arrive too early because you usually have to wait at least 15 to 30 minutes and that [is] basically my main exercise, running to the show.”

As she arrives at the venue Leung, whose car also got held up in traffic on the way, runs to get into the show but the security guards inform her it is too late, and that the show started on the dot at 12 noon. The clock then pops up again and shows that Leung arrived at the venue at 12.06 p.m.

Bling Empire: New York Tina Leung
“Bling Empire: New York” has signed up stylist and blogger Tina Leung, pictured far right, to the cast. Fashion stylist and blogger Tina Leung grew up in Hong Kong and Los Angeles but now lives in New York. Netflix

After being turned away from the show, Leung immediately phones her agent and is seen breaking down in tears over missing out on the opportunity.

Taking to Twitter after watching the episode, many Bling Empire: New York fans expressed their commiserations for Leung on missing out on such a prestigious event.

“My heart is breaking for Tina. Losing out on front row seats to the Chanel Paris show. I’d have broken down on camera smh. #BlingEmpireNewYork My poor baby,” wrote on viewer.

My heart is breaking for Tina. Losing out on front row seats to the Chanel Paris show. I’d have broken down on camera smh. #BlingEmpireNewYork

My poor baby 🥺

— Thee Blueprint 🫐 (@JerLisa_Nicole) January 23, 2023

As another questioned: “I know it’s not that deep in the grand scheme of everything going on in the world, but why am I really sad that Tina missed her Chanel show #blingempirenewyork #BlingEmpireNY.”

Other viewers, however, were less sympathetic towards the reality television star, with many pointing out that it was Leung’s own choice to be late in the first place.

One fan posted: “Baby…. Tina! How are you late to a CHANEL fashion show!!! Oh no honey #blingempirenewyork.”

While another wrote: “Tina being late to her fashion show at 12:00pm like she wasn’t eating in her robe at 11:40am #blingempirenewyork.”

“Tina’s crying over being late to the Chanel fashion show when she was the one that made herself late? Lol #blingempirenewyork,” added a third unimpressed Bling Empire: New York fan.

As another said: “I know Tina is our fave, but how do you miss a show because you wanted to be fashionably late? On fashion week?? The foolishness #blingempirenewyork.”

Starring alongside Leung on the cast of Bling Empire: New York are Dorothy Wang Blake Abbie, Richard Chang and his partner, Vika, jewelry designer Lynn Ban, Stephen Hung, and his wife Deborah Valdez-Hung, among others.

The episodes follow “a fresh group of wealthy, sophisticated, and hilarious Asian Americans from New York City, where the quality of real estate is measured by address, not acreage. Conversations are direct, not coded. And competition—for love, for money, and for power—is fierce.”

Bling Empire: New York is available to stream on Netflix now. All eight episodes have been released at once.

Bling Empire: New York Season 1 Cast
Tina Leung, Richard Chang, Vika, Blake Abbie, Dorothy Wang and Lynn Ban feature on the cast of new Netflix series ‘Bling Empire: New York.’ ‘Bling Empire’ aired its third season in 2022 and now Netflix is launching its sister show, based in New York City. Netflix

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