Short-Lived Perfume Is the Worst—Here’s How to Make It Last


“If you don’t smell your perfume very well—everyone gets used to their perfume—then I would advise to buy it also in the eau de toilette version and spray sometimes, just one spray, to refresh during the day,” says Laurent, which avoids the risk of overwhelming your own nose—and the ones around you. “This can be for your own personal pleasure and to feel confident, you can spray it on a handkerchief or a little on the wrist to smell it for yourself so you’re sure you’re not bothering other people around you.” 

She also recommends choosing a single-note perfume to give your fragrance a boost during the day. “These are very pure, simple and fresh scents, and you can add them on any perfume you wear,” she says, recommending both Cartier’s L’Heure Brillante (£250) and Eau de Toilette Pur Kinkan Les Epures de Parfum (£250). “It creates something very pleasant, and you feel fresh and confident for the afternoon or evening,” she says.

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