What Do H&M and Bottega Veneta Have in Common? This Easy Trend


If there’s one thing there’s no shortage of in my wardrobe, it’s t-shirts. Between a quest to find the perfect plain white tee to trying out differing shades on the neutral palette, even at a glance, I know I likely have more t-shirts than I do pairs of matching socks. I wear them almost daily, whether at home with leggings, out and about with jeans, or tucked into a pencil skirt for evenings out. What I consider an elite staple, they’re the first thing I reach for whenever I get dressed. This, however, has its setbacks. Sure, they’re versatile, but my dependency on t-shirts has made my style somewhat predictable. This is why I’ve been actively looking for new tops I can turn to in my times of fashion need—cue flannel shirts.

Flannel shirts are an item that has ebbed and flowed in popularity over the years but rest assured, they’re very much having a moment right now—and it’s all thanks to Bottega Veneta. Although commonly associated with elevated separates and accessories, in its spring/summer 2023 collection, the brand explored more low-key outfit options, and a recurring theme between the looks was the humble flannel shirt, with the brand choosing to style the one and only Kate Moss in one during its show. So you know the goal was for its flannel shirt to stand out. However, this isn’t a trend you need to have big bucks to afford—in recent weeks, I’ve spotted a not-insignificant number of plaid shirt styles cropping up H&M, Mango and Free People. Coincidence? In fashion, there’s no such thing.

From designer to the high street, I’ve whittled down the best plaid and flannel shirts for women this season. Should you need inspiration on how to style them, I’ve ticked that off, too, with a selection of runway and influencer examples. T-shirts, you can take a well-deserved break.

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