5 Nail Colours You’re Going to See Everywhere This March


The beginning of March marks the start of spring in all its glory, and what better way to ring in the new season than with an eye-catching manicure?

With pastels as you’ve never seen them before and all-out barbiecore tones set to take centre stage this month, take it from the feeds of some of our favourite nail artists like @Nail_of _LA  and @ImariNails, if you are looking for new colour inspiration for you March manicure there are plenty of sophisticated options to choose from.

From futuristic silver chromes—because yes, chrome is still reigning supreme—to vibrant orange hues, you’ll be sure to find a colour for all styles, events an moods here.

Scroll on to discover the five nail colours you’re bound to see everywhere this month, as well as the products you might need to help get the look at home. 

The futuristic hue is the perfect way to add   a bit of extra shine *with edge* to your daily life. Plus, with chrome powder being the secret ingredient behind the shimmering manicure, if you’re not quite ready to kiss the cooler colours goodbye, silver chrome nails are sure to become your March manicure staple. 

Love a nude manicure but want to take it on to the next level? Then an off-white lacquer might just become your new favourite. The more minimal cousin to the lip gloss or glazed donut nails, this new online nude nail trend is sure to take over your IG and TikTok feeds. Watch this space…

As bright white nail can stain and fade over time, but this uber chic evolution of the colour, along with its signature super mirror-shine topcoat, is a tonal dream. 

Neons in spring? You bet. I didn’t think I’d ever see the day either but this joyous orange hue has become my most saved inspiration photo on both Instagram and TikTok.  

Maybe it’s because of the colour’s mood-boosting, zesty vibrance? Or perhaps it’s a sign of deep summer longing? Either way, as a past advocate of darker polish shades right through to April, right now orange truly is the new black. 

Orange nails of any kind are the perfect way to inject some spring-time optimism into into your manicure. And rest assured you don’t have to necessarily go neon-bright with your orange polish, it’s just as happiness-inducing to opt for a pastel tone instead.

A pastel pearly manicure is an overarching colour trend that is long overdue its moment in the sun. Choose a pink or lilac tone and give it a mermaid-style shimmer over the top.

Yes, we all saw it coming, but thanks to inspiration from the much-awaited Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig spectacular, Barbiecore is here to stay. There’s something quite healing about beauty’s return to such a bold colour, as we are all here for it!

Whether you wear this new March favourite as a shortly filed manicure or long acrylics with glossy finish, it’s sure to impress.

The best manicures are rooted in both nail and hand care. Scroll on for the products to add to your nail kit to help you get the most out of your mani.

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