The 8 Jewellery Trends That Matter Most This Spring


It never fails to surprise me just how much of an impact jewellery can have on your outfits and, indeed, your sense of style. Where jeans and T-shirts and blazers and jumpers might form the staples upon which your ensembles are built, it’s pieces such as shoes and bags and hats and a plethora of other accessories that add personality to your wares. None more so than jewellery. 

Many of us choose our jewellery carefully and with the utmost consideration, especially when items of the fine variety come into play. Because of this, I think it’s always beneficial to keep abreast of the goings-on in the bijoux world. Won’t you join me as I break down the top jewellery trends of 2023?

As with anything else that I choose to share with you by way of my columns and features, I never recommend buying something just because it’s “trending.” Thankfully, jewellery trends tend to stick around longer than those of other fashion items—that’s if they ever dip out of favour at all—so the most important thing you can do is to invest in jewellery you truly love wearing. That way, it won’t matter whether it’s “on-trend.” Still, knowing that you take fashion just as seriously as I do, I understand the urge to know what feels fresh at any given moment. So I decided to research the jewellery trends set to reverberate throughout 2023. My source? The spring/summer runways. Scroll on to see the eight jewellery trends I and other experts are most excited about for the coming year. 

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