Here They Are—The 27 Easiest Wavy Hairstyles to Copy This Spring


When you want to branch out and try something new with your hair, there are so many iconic haircuts and styles that spring to mind—from the blunt bob and the pixie cut through to a full fringe or a slicked back bun. But when it comes to easy and effortless styles that work for every hair type and length, few are as appealing (especially to the low-maintenance girls among us) as a wavy hairstyle.

As someone with naturally straight hair which struggles to hold a curl, I’ve always coveted curls and waves. From tousled beach waves to retro-inspired glamour waves, wavy hairstyles are totally timeless, work on all hair lengths, and never fail to look good.

It’s taken a few years, but I’ve finally figured out what types of waves are achievable for me and which products will help me to achieve them (you’ll find my faves down below). If, like me, you’re not after a major change in your hair, but simply want something a little fun, a little different, and (above all) easy to achieve, scroll down for my roundup of influencers and celebrities with the most iconic wavy hairstyles.

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