I Have Casual Style—These Are the Spring Trends I’m Embracing This Year


As someone who lives in the South and works from home full-time, I have pretty good reason to maintain a primarily casual wardrobe. Day to day, I typically wear jeans and sneakers and things made of knit fabrics. And although I love fashion, when I review the runways each season, a lot that I come across wouldn’t really mesh with my own lifestyle.

Following the ultra-casual era that the pandemic forced all of us into, designers have embraced themes and trends in fashion that are geared toward going out and returning to the office. The urge to wear something besides sweatpants now that life is basically back to normal makes perfect sense to me. But that doesn’t mean I suddenly have reasons to wear head-to-toe sequins, and perhaps some of you can relate. 

Accordingly, I combed through the S/S 23 runways and found a handful of trends that definitely don’t fit into my casual aesthetic (but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love them). There are also plenty that do fit. So scroll on to shop those and find out which fancy trends I’m passing on this season.

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