I Have Thin, Flat Hair, But This Old-School Product Gives Me ’90s Volume


These are the ones I use and swear by (Lopez does too. He says he even keeps them in his kit). I like them because they heat up quickly and evenly, and they don’t damage my hair, thanks to the velvet-flocked barrels. 

So, how do you use them? It’s actually quite intuitive. Just section your hair and roll them up to the scalp, securing them in place with the included clips. “I like to use hot rollers on dry hair a few hours before an event so the hair has time to set in position while you are getting ready with makeup and wardrobe,” Neill says.

He emphasises the importance of prep to extend the life of the style. “If you want your set to hold for a few days, blow-dry your roots with a volumising product, like Aveda’s Invati Advanced Thickening Foam (£27), to give your roots a directional lift. Once you have volume at the roots, you can dry the mid-shaft to ends just with your hands to make sure they are dry but are not too straight. It’s important to not stretch all of the elasticity out of your hair before you reset with the rollers.”  

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