Victoria Beckham Just Wore This Trouser-and-Shoe Formula Twice in 24 Hours


If like us, you’ve got a keen eye for spotting celebrity fashion trends, you’ll have no doubt caught the latest of pictures of Meghan Markle in a skinny leather trouser that got everyone talking. Was this the return of the super skinny fit? What would this mean for the emerging XXL denim trend? And more importantly, would this mean the end of our reliable wide-leg trousers? Well, I wouldn’t be too quick to retire your tailored trousers quite yet, as Victoria Beckham has stepped out in a reliable formula that she’s been subtly sporting for years, and no, it does not include a skinny leg. 

Snapped just before her show in Paris, Beckham stepped out in a pair of flared puddle pants and platform shoes, a combination that has become the celebrity go-to as of late. After all, you’re more likely than not to spot Kate Middleton in the tailored flare and a court shoe for royal appointments, or Katie Holmes in a wide-leg and heel (including her unforgettable leather look), and the success of the outfit formula all comes down to the fit. No matter your shape, size, or height, a high-waisted trouser that flares out towards the ankle creates a sleek silhouette, and adding a few inches at the bottom so that the trousers “pool” at the ground gives you enough room for a killer heel that immediately makes your legs look longer. At least that’s the secret to achieving VB’s proportions. 

Paired with a simple navy turtleneck and waistbelt, Victoria Beckham’s low-key look is a masterclass in both tonal dressing and how to wear wide leg trousers, including the best shoes to pair them with, and thankfully for us, this outfit is easily replicable.

So replicable in fact that Victoria wore another turtleneck + puddle pants + platform heels outfit the following day (albeit in far more springy shades of lilac and green), proof that once you’ve found a successful outfit formula, you can wear it time and time in different colours without it ever feeling boring. (And we appreciate anything that saves us time getting ready in the morning). 

In order to help you style puddle pants, I’ve found the best pieces to recreate her pre-show look below. And, if that wasn’t quite enough puddle pants and platform heels to whet your appetite, keep scrolling for six more combinations that look effortlessly A-list.

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