I’m Officially in Spring Mode—These Are the Best New-Season Pieces I’ve Seen


Call me an optimist, but the appearance of blossom has me well and truly in spring mode and I’m eagerly awaiting the chilly temperatures to follow suit. I’m ready to swap hardened footwear and woollen outerwear for lightweight trench coats and blazers. If the weather was no object, I’d also revert to wearing natural fabrications and outfits sans coats but, in the meantime, I’ve discovered styling techniques and pieces that are both weather appropriate and freshly inspired. 

Fashion month has drawn to a close. Although it’s been a thought-provoking season, it’s succeeded in its mission to inspire on the design front. One of my biggest takeaways from fashion month (and a common thread across all fashion capitals) was the prevalence of excess in the most demure way. Swathes of fabric, draping and fluid silhouettes were introduced as the spring equivalent of the cape and scarf coats. Tove, YSL, Loewe and Sinead O Dwyer spearheaded this regal approach to clothing by showcasing long, liquid-like silhouettes and retailers were quick to react to the fashion forecast.

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