I’ve Done the Research—These Are the Top 29 Pieces You Can Rent Right Now


I’m going to let you in on a little secret: Renting your clothes might be the absolute best thing you ever do. Why? Allow me to explain.

When you’re tasked with finding a new dress for multiple weddings across spring, enamoured with a certain trend but reluctant to buy into it, quite simply in the market for a wardrobe refresh or want to become more sustainable in the way you shop, rental fashion has your back. Think of it as having the keys to your fashionable friend’s wardrobe, with something for every style, event and season at your disposal. What’s more, there’s recently been a huge boom in the rental-fashion market, with GlobalData reporting that the industry will be valued at £2.3 billion by 2029 (it was valued at £1.4 billion in 2021), so it’s not just us that is enamoured with the world of renting.

But with the industry growing and so many rental platforms out there (and more popping up daily), I know it can be quite overwhelming to figure out where to start. So I’ve done the hard work for you and curated the absolute best of the best when it comes to rental-fashion brands and divided them up into easy-to-shop categories. Plus, you can see and shop my edit of pieces that caught my eye as I scoured the sites. You’re welcome.

Ready, set… rent!

Curated Loop is the new kid on the block, launching only at the beginning of 2023. It prides itself on being a “rental platform championing brands’ dead stock and previous-season collections.” When browsing the site, I absolutely loved the range of sustainable and independent designers on show, some of whom I had never come across before. The variety of pieces was so broad, ranging from classic tailoring to corsets and ’90s-inspired pieces. Curated Loop might be new to the crew, but I have a feeling it’s going to be around for a long while yet. 

Style Notes: I really love the idea of being able to rent knitwear. My cupboard is quite literally overflowing with the pieces I choose to wear for a few months and then relegate to the back of the wardrobe, so this will definitely ensure I don’t overspend on one-season wonders. Moving forward, I’ll be looking to rent neutral, warm knitwear for the winter and chunky, bright knitwear for the spring. 

My favourite pieces to rent:

Siam Circle Screen Printed Jeans

These would look so cool paired with my favourite black Skims T-shirt and some Adidas Sambas. 

Verheyen Edward Leather Trench Coat

This is the perfect way to spice up a bland outfit. It’s bold enough that you might not consider buying the coat but definitely a key rental piece. 

Umore Custom Tapestry

BRB, I’m going to rent this for the weekend. 

2. Best for Designer Pieces: Hurr

If Curated Loop is the new kid on the block, Hurr is most definitely the current It girl. Founded by Victoria Prew in 2017 with the goal of creating “the world’s leading fashion rental platform,” Hurr is now not only a tech-first platform with thousands of renters and lenders, but it also has a physical presence in the form of an in-store shop at Selfridges Oxford Street, meaning you can try before you rent. If that wasn’t enough to convince you, Hurr currently holds one of the “largest rental inventory [bases] with over 7500 outfits to choose from,” so you will never bore of the new styles consistently available to rent. 

There’s a reason flocks of influencers and celebrities alike (peep Kate Middleton in Solace London rented from Hurr) opt for it every single time. From the huge range of pieces available, its designer picks below are some of my absolute faves. 

Style Notes: Colour-blocking is a big trend moving into spring. I love the way Oluwaseun has styled up this red Ganni top rented from Hurr with a vintage coat and some Munthe jeans. 

My favourite pieces to rent:

Loewe Baggy Anagram Jeans

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’ve been lusting after these jeans for a while now, but committing to the purchase is just not going to happen for me at the moment. Enter, renting. If you see me in these for the next three months, you’ll now know how.

Chanel Black Chanel Dad Sandals

You can never go wrong with a pair of trusty dad-style sandals. This pair shot to fame around 2019 and have stayed in style ever since. Despite not being the best for walks on the beach, I’ll definitely be renting and wearing these on my summer holiday in Amsterdam for walks by the canals in July. 

16Arlington Solaris Gown in Smoke Sequin

The range of pieces from 16Arlington currently available to rent on Hurr is totally unrivalled. Albeit, this one probably has to take the cake as my favourite. 

Toteme Embroidered Scarf Jacket Grey

This coat is the definition of “if you know, you know” and is currently being worn by nearly every influencer on my feed. Want to be in on the action but not up for spending over £700? This one is available to rent from £112 for four days. 

Fendi Sequin Baguette

She’s beauty. She’s grace. And she’s available to rent right now. Go!

By Rotation was founded by Eshita Kabra in 2019 and has been dubbed the “Airbnb of designer fashion” and the “Instagram of fashion rental.” Why? Well for starters, By Rotation was the world’s first social fashion-rental app with over half a million downloads and over 60,000 listings on the app worth over £25 million, making the By Rotation wardrobe the largest shared wardrobe in the UK. 

By Rotation is the fictional big sister’s wardrobe I desperately wanted to raid. With brands ranging from Chanel to Ganni, Sleeper to Zimmerman and Ba&sh to Reformation, there is something to rent for every event you could think of. On top of that, By Rotation gives you the option to rent accessories, bags, shoes and jewellery. The opportunities are endless. The slogan of the brand (“what’s mine is yours”) and the fact it’s operated on a 100% peer-to-peer basis means there are currently over 48,000 users sharing their fabulous wardrobes. I’m sure my fictional sister wouldn’t have been that cool about it.

Style Notes: Liv’s actual dress is available to rent on the app. I’ll race you to it.

My favourite pieces to rent:

Ajé Pink Dress

This Ajé dress is absolutely gorgeous and would be the perfect wedding guest attire. Barbiecore isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so I’ll definitely be renting this one for the summer. 

Anine Bing Black Coat

Anine Bing has become known as the ultimate fashion-person brand. This hybrid shacket/coat is so cool and makes for the ultimate weekend addition. 

With Jéan Brown Dress

Date-night look, sorted. 

The Frankie Shop Khaki Coat

That viral Frankie Shop coat that you’ve seen on everyone? Yep, you can rent it. 

4. Best for Dreamy Bags: Cocoon

Real talk, I started using Cocoon personally around a year ago, and since then, its inventory has grown massively. The brand works through a subscription service with a three-step plan, which gives you access to its beautiful bags. 

The first step is to choose your plan and pay for it monthly, quarterly or on demand. There are three different types of membership with access to different bags: Flexi, Premium and Deluxe. Once you’ve completed an obligatory ID verification process, you can shop dreamy designer bags to your heart’s content. Once Cocoon has approved your membership, your order will be shipped to you. Monthly swaps (included with Premium and Deluxe subscriptions) allow you to exchange your bag for a new one, and Flexi members can buy Bag Passes to access any style in the collection for one week at a time. 

Style Notes: Securing the bag has never had such a physical definition. The range of bags available at Cocoon is totally unrivalled. 

My favourite pieces to rent:

Chanel Mini Single Flap Bag in Black Lambskin 1989-1991

In my eyes, ’90s Chanel is the holy grail of designer bags. Not sold? No problem. Have a look through the limitless Chanel collection available at Cocoon to rent now. 

Prada Hobo Re-Edition 2000 Nylon With Crystals in Pink

This is the perfect princess bag of dreams. Birthday-dinner outfit? Planning it around this bag. 

Gucci Jackie 1961 Mini Hobo Bag in Canvas

Erm, it’s a big thumbs up from me. 

My Wardrobe HQ launched in November 2019 with a selection of clothes and accessories from over 500 designers, ranging from Prada to Isabel Marant. 

MWHQ prides itself on being a “social shopping platform with a sustainable heart. The rental platform allows users to rent an item for up to 14 days and gives them the option to buy the items outright. In addition, once having sold a piece, MWHQ encourages its users to then relist the item, meaning you’re able to continue the circle of sustainability. 

With clothing and accessories sourced from celebrities and influencers such as Roxie Nafousi, Arizona Muse and Poppy Delevigne, you’re absolutely sure to encounter some real gems. I’ve listed some of my faves below. 

Style Notes: Follow in Anna’s footsteps and go all out next time your calendar calls for it. Actually, who said anything about having to go out? Why not rent a statement dress for a night in? I’m not going to judge! 

My favourite pieces to rent:

Prabal Gurung Strapless Satin Gown

I love electric blue and would pair this with sharp-toe black court shoes. 

Galvan London Crystal Bustier Dress

Sexy and sophisticated? Sign me up. 

Dolce & Gabbana Floral & Lace Chiffon Slip Dress

It’s giving Harper in The White Lotus, and I’m here for it. I’m picturing an aperol spritz in hand overlooking the Amalfi Coast.

Rotaro, founded by Georgie Hyatt and Charles Knowles in 2019, is on a mission to make “fashion more circular” by providing the option to rent items short-term and send them back to be worn and loved by someone else.

The platform stocks a wide range of innovative and cult brands such as Coperni, Rat & Boa and JW Anderson, so if you’re looking for that effortlessly cool look, you’re certainly in the right place. You know that feeling when you’re freaking out because you don’t know what to wear for your date tomorrow evening? Enter Rotaro and its next-day delivery service. It really is as easy as that. Unsure about whether you’re opting for the right size? No need to stress—Rotaro offers a free try-on service. If the items are returned unworn and with the ribbon attached, you are eligible for a full refund on up to three unworn items per order. Not convinced? Try it for yourself… 

Style Notes: Birthday vibes. I’m always influenced by Laura (also #hairgoals) and love this white puff-sleeve dress rented from Rotaro. 

My favourite pieces to rent:

Yves Saint Laurent Jacket

A vintage Saint Laurent suit available to rent right now? This is the chicest choice for an interview. Layer over a crisp white shirt and wear the full suit to dress it up, or pair it with a dark denim maxi skirt and boots to dress down. 

Coperni Mini Swipe Bag in Light Pink Diamante

Coperni is, for sure, the popular brand at the moment, with all the coolest people opting for this style to dress up their weekend looks. I’ve recently seen the glass version being sported by the likes of Kylie Jenner and Doja Cat. 

Hai Leonard Trousers in White

If this isn’t the ultimate pre-wedding bridal look, I’m not sure what is. 

Rental fashion isn’t all about renting clothes above your budget. The reason these rental brands have had such a ripple effect is due to the circular and sustainable future they are carving for the fashion industry by helping to reduce waste. 

Hirestreet prides itself on being a fashion rental platform committed to “making style and sustainability accessible for all women.” Founded in 2018 by Isabella West, the idea came about from wanting to provide an alternative way to access fast fashion without contributing to waste. Isabella told FashionUnited that the Hirestreet average rental price comes in at £30, as its customer had reported that’s what the price of a dress on ASOS would have to be for them to wear it once. The Hirestreet aim was for people to substitute that behaviour by offering a mass-market solution that is more comparable to fast-fashion price points. 

Hirestreet allows customers to shop their favourite high-street looks consciously, meaning customers can sustainably shop their fave high-street stores with absolutely zero guilt. This is encapsulated in its slogan: “Own your style, not your outfit.”

My favourite pieces to rent:

Rat & Boa Vienna Dress

I’ve been trying to get my hands on this dress for ages, but it always seems to be sold out! The dilemma is solved now that I’m able to rent it on Hirestreet.

French Connection Buona Faux Fur Long Sleeve Coat Main

This is such a great winter coat. 

Runaway the Label Chocolate Nonny Co-Ord Main

The chicest two-piece set. 

Founded by Shika Bodani in 2016, Front Row was one of the very first luxury-on-loan rental destinations for people wanting to delve into the world of rental fashion. Initially, the brand was invitation only and later opened up to the general public.

Front Row features clothing and accessories from over 50 designers, and it’s the only UK-based rental platform to currently offer ethnicwear pieces from luxury designers such as Sabyasachi, Gaurav Gupta and Rohit Bal.

As if the brand wasn’t already offering enough, Front Row also has stylists on hand, either in person at its Mayfair store or online, to help you achieve the perfect look for any occasion.

Style Notes: You can rent this gorgeous 16Arlington dress via Front Row now. Dreamy!

My favourite pieces to rent:

Gucci Bow Crystal Embellished Gown

This would make the most beautiful black-tie look. Simplicity and elegance at their absolute best. 

Loewe Anagram Mohair-Blend Sweater

I’m seeing Loewe knitwear everywhere this winter and absolutely love this colourway! 

Papa Don't Preach Black Embroidered Lehenga

The most gorgeous lehenga—Front Row’s variety is totally unrivalled. 

Amina Muaddi Embellished PVC Mules

The ultimate Cinderella-shoe experience. 

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