7 “Outdated” Trends That Have Officially Made a Comeback


As any Who What Wear editor will tell you, fashion trends are cyclical. You need only look to the spring/summer 2023 runways to see the ’70s influence that swept over the collections, or head on over to TikTok to see that the Y2K aesthetic is still going strong. Did I think low-rise jeans would make a comeback? No, but perhaps that was wishful thinking. If anything, their return proved that no “outdated” trend is off-limits; that any piece, no mater how divisive, has the power to skyrocket to the top of the style agenda overnight. 

Recently, my colleagues and I were discussing this very phenomenon and we all agreed on the fact that 2023 is shaping up to be the year of comeback fashion trends. But how many would we personally consider wearing nowadays? Between us, we settled on seven. 

Keep scrolling to see the comeback fashion trends we believe are only going to become more predominant this year. I then also whittled down some some pieces you can shop to get each look.

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