COS Is Backing Colour This Spring—7 Shades We’re Shopping Right Now


There’s a lot to be said about the power of dopamine dressing. If you’re new to the term, the idea is that wearing bold, bright clothing can have an impact on your mood—dress for the day you want, not the one you’re given, if you will. And after the dark days and grisly rain of winter, we’re all about mood-boosting dressing now that spring is here.

While hunting down vibrant styles to match the incoming bright days, we found ourselves turning to one brand again and again: COS. We won’t be retiring our favourite neutrals just yet, but with a new season arriving, the bold accents of COS’s new-arrivals section feel particularly fitting for spring 2023.

COS has long been a favourite amongst the Who What Wear UK team. Between its expensive-looking basics, high-end tailoring, and party-appropriate styles, there’s little more we could ask for from the high-street hero. So it’s unsurprising that the brand has once again come through to rejuvenate our wardrobes. The newest release features the brand’s signature styles, with much-loved neutrals and fresh takes on classics prominent throughout. But alongside our trusty muted tones are bold punctuations of fuchsia, apple greens, and azure blues that immediately caught our eye. These injections of colour celebrate all aspects of British springtime from warm days to drizzly showers, and they easily pair with our staple neutrals.

Whether you’re a loyal minimalist or hard-core maximalist, this fun-filled edit has something to raise your spirits.

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