I Just Popped Into Mango on My Lunch Break and Wow, the Dresses


There aren’t many high-street destinations that get it so consistently right as Mango. The Spanish brand has always stuck to its design-led formula of affordable, beautiful staples, touching on trends along the way. And while others’ wavered, Mango’s popularity and reputation for being a go-to among fashion people (and women everywhere) have only solidified in recent years. The luxe imagery, the inclusive sizing and model choices, the more responsible Committed collection and, of course, the stylish but classic pieces have won us all over. 

Because of this, it’s one of the few high-street stores I always try to pop into if I walk past. In general, I’m much more of an online shopper these days—the less unflattering changing-room light and stressful Oxford Street crowds, the better, if you ask me—but I just can’t help being lured into Mango. 

Usually, I leave with a range of pieces added to my wish list—from suiting to denim—but when I ducked in on my lunch break earlier this week, there was one standout category that impressed me most: Dresses. The rails were full of easy, polished styles—the kind of dresses you could feel comfortable wearing to the office now as well as the kind that get you excited for far-off holidays.  

The best part about Mango’s current dress offering, though, is that most of them don’t play into the trends of the moment. Instead they feel classic in some ways and unique in others (and you’d be forgiven for thinking they were designer if you walked past them on the street). Yes, there are a number of pretty floral dresses you can wear to everything from weddings to the office, but the prints feel more considered than generic. There are also beautiful silk styles, out-of-the-ordinary silhouettes like maxis and cut-outs, and a refined colour palette ranging from neutrals to bold hues—all of which are features that make a high-street piece feel much more expensive. Mango’s risks pay off, and it’s rather refreshing.  

Below, you’ll see the 25 Mango dresses I love right now, some of which I saw in-store and some I stumbled across on the website. All of them, though, you’ll bring out year after year. Keep scrolling to shop.

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