So, You Thought You Couldn’t Wear Jeans to Work—6 Outfits That Prove You Can


If you struggle with what to wear to work each day, it might be be because you haven’t given jeans enough thought. It’s true that there was a time that office dress codes banned jeans and focused on minimalist tailoring, but in 2023, the post-pandemic way of working has changed things entirely, including the way we dress. While some of us wear uniforms or others still have to relegate jeans to casual Fridays, there are growing numbers among us working in relaxed environments that allow jeans seven days a week without any issue. Whether you work in an office, on-the-road, with your hands, or in creative industries, jeans are an integral part of our wardrobes and everyday lives, and are every bit as versatile as a pair of black, tailored trousers, so we’re here to offer some inspiration and insight into how to make denim feel appropriate for work, no matter what you do. 

With every different fit, wash, and cut of denim on the market, you’re spoiled for choice for options, and have infinite ways to get creative with your 9-to-5 look. To help you piece together an outfit that’s the very definition of “business/casual”, we’ve rounded up six different ways to wear your favourite jeans that incorporating a few of spring’s major trends (that’s you ballet pumps and boxy blazers), and some familiar classics (and we’ll never get tired of the trench coat). So to give your jeans the extra oomph that they need, keep scrolling for our favourite work outfits with jeans.

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