Meghan Markle Just Wore Slim-Fit Trousers and Flat Shoes Like a French Girl


When Meghan Markle wears anything, be it a casual ensemble or a black-tie gown, we pay attention. So, earlier this week, when she decided to forgo wide-leg trousers—the pants silhouette that has been consistently dominating over the past few seasons—and instead opt for a pair of skinny trousers for a low-key restaurant date with her husband, Prince Harry, we noticed. Having morphed into something of a trendsetter in recent years, we just knew her selection would spark a style revolution—we’ve already seen countless comments on social media praising her for her choice. However, considering how rare Markle sightings are these days, what we didn’t expect was to spot her wearing them again within the space of a week.

Sure, her first pair were leather, which she styled with a current-looking scarf coat and some trusty suede pumps, but her latest look has the same chic hallmarks as the OG: a tonal palette and simple styling, making it feel very French in the process. Let’s break it down.

Cut above the ankle, we enjoy how she’s made the most of this moment to showcase the perfect springtime shoe; her backless pointed mules from Valentino, which we’ve seen her wear in the past. Her shoes might be beige, but as far as her clothes go, Markle employed the editor-favoured styling trick of monochrome dressing, the practice of wearing the same colour throughout your outfit. Throw in a seriously covetable Chanel 19 handbag, an elegant updo, Valentino oversize sunglasses, and gold earrings, and this is an outfit we’d easily imagine French fashion types sporting.

If you’re a regular Who What Wear reader, you’ll know how much we appreciate the Parisian aesthetic. So, as a gift to you (and ourselves), below, we’ve broken everything you could need to re-create this Meghan Markle skinny trouser look.

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