The 8 Zara Buys Everyone Wants Right Now


Here at Who What Wear, we have access to some pretty interesting data. No, not how many Deliveroos you’ve had this week or the number of texts you sent to your ex on Friday night, don’t worry. But we can see which products and brands are selling the most right now, and let me tell you, it’s fascinating. Often the hero buys we see taking off are explained by influencers or celebrities backing a certain item or even us editors sharing our favourite pieces on the reg. But sometimes we’ll look into the data, and it’s all you—our readers—advocating for the pieces you love and putting your money where your latest wardrobe crush is. 

Plus, we’re lucky to have a Zara insider who can share what pieces are flying off the site right now, meaning you can snap them up before they go fully out of stock. You’re welcome. 

So what’s proving incredibly popular at the moment, I hear you ask? Well, hold tight because I’m about to let you in on the secrets. Specifically, what the Zara best sellers are this month so far—because we all love a good lunch-break or pre-bedtime browse on the high street hero’s site, don’t we? This way, you get to cut through all the (thousands of) products on site, save time scrolling, and head straight for the best, and most popular, items available at Zara right now. 

Keep scrolling, and you’ll see Zara’s current bestsellers, from designer-looking bags to new versions of their internet-famous bomber jackets. Enjoy!

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