Sorry, Skinny Jeans–I’m in a Committed Relationship With Wide-Leg Trousers


I’m just going to come right out and say it: Skinny jeans are officially on pause. Sorry if that sounds a little dramatic, but let me explain. No matter how you feel about the revival of the super-slim denim, there’s no denying that looser trouser shapes are the reigning silhouette as far as jeans and trousers go, and my own wardrobe is conclusive proof of this.

I recently did a massive wardrobe cleanout and in the process realised that nearly all the trousers and jeans I moved to the ‘on pause’ were skinny and snug fits. I owned multiple pairs at one point but have since found myself drawn more and more to relaxed trouser silhouettes, and while celebs might not be in complete agreement, every fashion person I know agrees. There’s something undeniably cool about voluminous, wide-leg trouser, not to mention that they’ve made more sense than ever over the last couple of years seeing as comfort has become our top priority when getting dressed. The relaxed but still polished trousers just might be the answer to avoiding another sweatpants slump. Plus, they’re so versatile, with the ability to be dressed up or down and for all and every season with a simple swap of layers and accessories. 

If the above isn’t enough, I have a strong feeling that once you see just how chic the fashion world is making wide-leg trousers look, you’re going to agree with me here, so if you’re ready to retire your skinnies, keep scrolling on to fill up on wide-leg trouser outfit ideas and shop all the pieces you might need to help recreate the looks.

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