I’ve Carried This Bag Style for 10 Years—It’s Still My Favourite


Let’s play a little game of Never Have I Ever, shall we? I’ll start: Never have I ever worn a tote bag. Not the juiciest of goss, I know, but hear me out. I’m a crossbody-bag girl through and through, and while I would like it to be purely down to the aesthetic of said bag style, it is in fact mainly due to pure laziness. If I can get away with not carrying shopping bags, carriers or any form of luggage, I will. But seeing as an everyday bag is almost essential, I have to give in to carrying something around with me, and this is why the hands-free crossbody works. Also, due to my urge to not carry things, I’m all for more compact styles that’ll hold my loose bank card, chewing gum, lipstick and my phone—if it will fit.

Every investment bag I own, from the Celine Trio to the Loewe Gate, has a crossbody strap, but something I love in any bag is a multi-strap—the ones I can transform into a clutch, shoulder bag or top-handle, just in case I ever want to mix it up. And when it comes to cool crossbody styles, every bag brand has them, from the now-famous COS bag (you know the one) to Bottega Veneta’s Cassette style. As a little guide from a crossbody fan, these are the styles you can shop for every budgets.

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