5 Nail Colours You’re Going to See Everywhere This April


April is here, our trench coats are out, and so too is a whole host of spring-leaning beauty trends. This transitional period before the dresses and sandals officially take over our wardrobe can feel hard to navigate fashion-wise, but when it comes to beauty it’s the perfect moment to try something new or opt for an effective yet simple seasonal change like switching up your nail colour.

Chic nail art has undoubtedly reigned supreme over the past few years, but if you are looking for a key colour (or base for nail art) to try as your April nail selection, there are plenty of bold options to choose from. From cool blue and gentle rose golds that glisten in different lights to deep browns and high-shine glitters favoured by celebrity nail artists like Holly Falcone there are so many pretty nail colours to choose from ahead of your April manicure appointment. 

Scroll on to discover the five nail colours you’re sure to see everywhere this month, as well as the products you can shop now to help get the look at home. 

What better way to (hopefully) ring in a month filled with bright, sunny blue skies than a classic baby blue polish? This shade looks amazing on any skin tone and can be worn in a variety of ways making it perfect for under floral nail art or as all over colour. For best results finish with a gel coat for at home mani that rivals salons.

Bright pastels might be the go-to for most of us looking for April nail colours, however if you find yourself feeling stuck somewhere between bold yellows and trends like the lip oil manicure, then maybe a deep brown is about to become your go-to. 

With celebrity nail connoisseurs like Harriet Westmorland are also choosing to pick up the brown brush and with seemingly endless nail art options (cc: the art deco-inspired look from BrownHandGirl below) it looks like deep chocolate hues are here to stay. 

Nothing says next-level luxe manicure than a set of high-shine glittery nails. This April why not try a chunky glitter as a way to elevate your standard manicure. The finish colour sits comfortably between a nude manicure and the all-over glitters beloved for their ability to create the illusion of multicoloured hues thanks to how they bounce the light. 

My personal favourite this month? Window-like manicures, with almost individualised glitter flecks that look as though they were placed one at a time. It’s a bit of pizzazz, but in almost a quarter of the time a detail-oriented nail art appointment. What’s not to love?

Yellow can often feel like the most unapproachable of the nail polish colours due to its boldness. Nevertheless, this April, yellow in all its hues is finally having its long overdue moment in the sun. Pun intended.

After Beyonce’s renaissance dropped our brain chemistry was well and truly altered, but aside from the music for me one of the most profound impacts of the album was its celebration of all that shimmers. And the nail ode to this? Rose gold nails. 

The best manicures are rooted in both nail health and long-lasting colour formulations.

Scroll on for the products to add to your nail arsenal. 

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