It’s True—These 6 Handbag Colours Go With Absolutely Everything


I’m going to make a bold claim: A handbag is the most hardworking item in any wardrobe. Hear me out. How often do you change your clothes? Every day? Shoes? Depending on said clothes, you likely switch them up a few times a week. Your bag? Well, if you’re anything like me, you can carry the same bag for weeks at a time until you fancy a change. Of course, I don’t want to assume you’re the same, but having spoken with my nearest and dearest ahead of writing this, they all use their bags the same way I do.

This brings me to my point; handbags have to be versatile and work with a multitude of items to make them worth their money, regardless of the budget you’re working with. However, in the quest to make my handbags as adaptable as possible, I’ve fallen into a bit of a trap in that I only really ever buy black bags—or, at a push, tan. Eager to breathe new life into my arm candy collection and save myself from becoming weary with the bags I already own, I’ve decided to treat myself to a handbag in a different colour. Can you believe it!

This got me thinking—are there handbag colours that go with everything that aren’t black or tan? I set about finding out. After hours of analysing, I can confirm that there are six. What I found most interesting was that many of these colours are found in nature, which bestows outfits with an air of calm. Then there are others which act like as palate cleansers against striking clothing.

Whatever your usual preference, I believe there’s a bag for you just waiting to be discovered below. Handbag colours that go with everything? Coming right up.

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