I Tried the “Supermodel Face-Lift” Makeup Technique Taking Over TikTok


Another day, another makeup technique going viral on TikTok. We’ve seen tons of TikTok makeup trends get popular over the past few years—from dot contouring to underpainting to “I’m cold” makeup—and there’s no indication that TikTok makeup will start slowing down any time soon. The latest makeup trend that keeps popping up on my For You page is called the “supermodel face-lift,” and after seeing it consistently gain more and more momentum, I decided it was time I tried it for myself.

Inspired by the lifted look we see on models such as Bella Hadid, this makeup trend is all about giving your features an upward illusion. It’s fairly easy to understand: For every product you put on your face, make sure that it’s trending in an upward direction so it doesn’t look like anything is pulling you down. I followed along step-by-step with a TikTok explaining the trend, and the results are honestly pretty impressive. 

I started by brushing my brows up using a brow gel, making sure to only brush in an upward direction. From there, I used a pencil to elongate the tails of my brows, creating an extended eye area. 

After perfecting my brows, I applied foundation all over my face using a brush. 

After foundation, it was time to go in with some contour on my nose. I traced contour on the sides of my nose, connecting it with my brows. Then, I drew a small circle at the tip of my nose to give it a more upturned appearance.  

I typically match my concealer to my foundation in order to create a seamless blend, but for this, I reached for a concealer about two shades lighter than my foundation. I swiped it on under my eyes, the outer corners of my eyes, the bridge of my nose, and the tip of my nose. To create shadows and definition, I took my contour under my cheekbones and through my jawline, swiped it up from under my brow bone and into my eyelid crease, and applied some around the perimeter of my forehead. I blended everything out using a damp Beautyblender and set my under-eye concealer using a loose powder. 

Blush is the key part of this makeup trend. I used a liquid blush and applied three small dots on each cheek, starting just above the apples of my cheeks and ending at my temples. I used the same damp Beautyblender to melt the blush into my face, making sure to blend it into my hairline for a lifted appearance. 

To finish my eyes, I tapped in a bit of light-brown eye shadow on the outer corners of my brows and through my crease. I used liquid brown eyeliner to give myself a slight wing. 

This type of makeup is more about the eyes, so I kept the lips minimal with a pink-toned lip oil that pulled everything together. I finished with mascara, concentrating on my upper lashes. 

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