Top Hairstylists Have Spoken—These Are the Best Cuts for Every Face Shape


Within the ever-colliding stratospheres of fashion and beauty, “rules” have become a bit passé, if not obsolete altogether. Gone are the days when we’d dismiss navy and black as an ill-conceived colour pairing. Currently, we feel inspired to dye our hair a demurely shocking shade of lavender. A hot-pink eyeliner is cooler than yesteryear’s cut-crease eyeshadow, and we’re even experimenting with nail art manicures and trending polish shades. Our point? It’s an exciting time to be in fashion and beauty, and more so than ever before, our hair, makeup and fashion aesthetic reflect that.

Hair, especially, has been the comeback kid of 2022. Previously old-fashioned styles like the mullet have been artistically resurrected, and we currently own more scrunchies, hair claws and butterfly clips than we did circa 1999. Impressive. That said, one rule that hasn’t changed over the years is the importance (and confidence-boosting power) of having a truly amazing, ultra-flattering haircut. With the right cut, the rest of the hair gamut—colour, styling and accessories—is kind of your oyster. Sure, we 100% condone sporting any kind of haircut that makes you feel like the sh*t, but we also know certain haircuts look especially flattering with certain face shapes, going together like PB&J, Mary-Kate and Ashley, Dolce & Gabbana—you get the idea.

To help steer us in the right direction, we asked a handful of Hollywood’s most talented stylists (you know, the ones who cater to all of our favourite hair-blessed celebrities) which haircuts look best for which face shapes. Oval, diamond, square, heart, round, long and unique variations between—the shape of our heads can dramatically influence the way certain cuts will flatter and fall. Thankfully, we have the best experts in the biz by our side to help point us in the right direction. Keep scrolling for 20 haircuts strategically suited to every kind of face shape.

Celebrity examples: Kate Middleton, Jessica Alba, Bella Hadid, Charlize Theron, Kim Kardashian West, Rihanna, Jessica Chastain, Rachel McAdams, Beyoncé

Don’t shoot the messenger, but if you have an oval-shaped face, you can stop reading, head to the salon and ask for any haircut that tickles your fancy. Kidding—except not really. Every stylist I consulted during my research said those with oval face shapes are the lucky ones who can pretty much sport any type of cut with super-flattering results. That said, since you have quite a bit of freedom, celebrity hairstylist Cash Lawless recommends shifting your strategic focus to favourite facial features rather than your facial shape.

“Oval face shapes are often seen as the most balanced face shape with the most symmetry. Therefore, you can get creative,” Lawless iterates. “However, here is the caveat. You’ll want to find a cut that focuses on features over face shape. I recommend talking to your stylist about your favourite features so you can work together to create a cut that will accentuate those, while simultaneously minimising anything you don’t want to draw attention to.”

According to Lawless, a chic fringe can look great with wide-set eyes, a bold pixie cut can bring out high cheekbones and strong bone structure, and a sleek lob or bob will help draw focus to the centre of the face and features like the nose and lips.

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