I Just Got a Helix Piercing—Here’s What I Learnt


If you’re anything like me, you’ll know the feeling of what I’m labelling as an ‘aesthetic itch’ all too well––I’ve had a tattoo and two haircuts in the space of a month. The first stage involves obsessing over saved social media inspo, followed by sending moodboards to every group WhatsApp chat for a helping of (hopefully) positive feedback. Recently, I’ve found myself admiring ear stacks on the feeds of my favourite jewellery brands, leading to temptation at every turn courtesy of the trusty algorithm. So much so, this week said aesthetic itch marched me straight to the piercing hot seat at Astrid & Miyu in Covent Garden––I already have two piercings on both ear lobes, but felt like the upper section was looking pretty lonely. 

“Everybody experiences pain differently so while this may vary from person to person, Helix piercings are typically low on the pain scale with many clients being pleasantly surprised by how quick and easy the procedure is,” says Collins. “Like most piercings, the anticipation is usually worse than the piercing itself.” As somebody who has a pretty low pain threshold, I would rate it as a slightly uncomfortable 4/10. 

My piercer explained that the initial healing time for a helix piercing is two-to-four months, but for it to be fully healed, it can take as long as six-to-nine months. Healing timelines will vary based on your specific piercing and your body.

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