You Can Count on These 5 Pretty Tops to Make Any Outfit Less Boring


This week, I found myself staring into my wardrobe and thinking about tops. As a person with quite classic, minimalist taste, I struggle with tops because all I ever seem to buy are plain T-shirts, ribbed vests and button-down shirts. Don’t get me wrong—these basics form the building blocks of a strong capsule wardrobe whatever your style, and I rely on them all in varying combinations when I build my outfits each morning. But there are only so many ways you can style a white T-shirt before it becomes a bit, well, boring. 

Every spring, as soon as the sun shows up and the mercury starts to rise, I start realising it’d be quite nice to have some pretty spring tops that I can wear on their own with jeans, skirts or wide-leg trousers. Ones that don’t have to also work underneath layers of knits and coats like tops do in winter. Sometimes all it takes to make a spring outfit is simply a great top that has some personality and makes the rest of your outfit—even if it consists of the most basic pair of jeans and trainers—suddenly feel like a joy to wear. 

I’m determined to add some beautiful tops to my repertoire—ones that I can throw on in the morning and feel like I’ve made an effort, whether I’m working from home or the office or simply pottering around the house at the weekend. I’m sure I’m not alone in this predicament, so I took it upon myself to hunt down 25 of the best spring tops I could find that are perfect for making all your simple outfits better right now. Keep scrolling to see them all, and shop the styles you love most.

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