We Just Found Some Adidas Sambas in Stock—Do Not Hit Snooze


Every so often, a designer or brand releases something that’s destined to be a hit. Take that Totême shearing coat, or The Row’s A-lister-approved flats, for example. It might take a little time to gain traction, and sometimes it bubbles under the surface until a celeb sighting elevates it to ‘must-have’ status. Of course, there’s usually the disappointment of realising said item has a hefty price tag attached.

But recently, we’ve caught on to the next big it-trainer, and the good news is it’s reasonably affordable. The adidas Samba sneaker has garnered quite the fan base over the past couple of months. Costing around the £100-mark, depending on which iteration you buy, this isn’t a transient shoe that you’ll only get a handful of wears out of before the hype dies down. Even if Kendall Jenner has decided to hang up her pair by the time this story is published (yes, she’s a fan), the beauty of this trainer is that it’s timeless and so easy to style, meaning it’s a worthy investment for sure. A-listers are wearing it because it’s great, not the other way around.

We’re expecting the obsession with this particular adidas design to continue well into 2023. Keep scrolling to see how Instagram’s most-stylish, including Kendall herself, are wearing the hero buy—then go ahead and shop it for yourself.

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